Spotting Second Trimester

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Blueyeskon - October 17

Hello ladies, I have been worried sick because I have had spotting last week and now today as well. I had an ultrasound done and it came out normal. The doctor told me to put pad and see how much blood comes out (I know scary) but I'm only seeing blood when I wipe. I've been reading several different things and cannot come to a conclusion. I'm 18 weeks today and this is my second pregnancy. Did anyone experience or know anyone who've experience the same? What were the concequences? thanks a lot.


Karen - October 17

Did your doctor check to see if you have an infection? Sometimes you can have a bacteria infection that can cause the cervix to become really inflamed and bleed. Keep us posted.


Blueyeskon - October 17

I'm not sure. They did my v____al exam several weeks ago and it was ok, plus they took my urine, nothing was noticed. Don't know...


Robin - October 17

How far along are you? I'm 14 wks and I have been spotting brown for the last week and a half. Not just when I wipe, I have to use panty liners. I was worried and called the doc, we listened for a heart beat and it was really strong.


blueyeskon - October 17

I'm 18 weeks.


mother777 - October 17

i was bleeding at 24 weeks, and was scare as hell. i went to the doctor and he send me to the hospital. they said it look like i have placenta previa. i was also told no s_x or no baths. and, i had an infection.


to blueyeskon - October 18

take Karen's advice, ask your dr. to check for a bacterial infection. They will need to do a culture like for a pap smear. I had the same thing aroun 18 weeks, scared me to death. spotting when I wiped, turns out I had a bacterial infection (never had one before, they are not s_xually transmitted, but come from an imbalance of bacteria in your v____a). One treatement of antibiotics and then a follow up dose of a gel--now it is gone, and so is spotting!! Good luck


Serena - October 30

About the bacterial infection, did the bleeding from that look dark or light? I'm spotting as well at 6 weeks and had a "normal" ultrasound, but am still spotting and suspect some sort of an infection. Thanks.


Cathy - October 31

I am 18 weeks and spotting. It started last week, did an ultrasound and everyting looks well. Also ran tests and all is fine. Doc doesn't know why I am bleeding but put me on bed rest for a week. A week later still bleeding but back to work. It is a threatened miscarriage but I am keeping my fingers crossed. Scared but trying to be optimistic. Good luck to all of you.


KLC - October 31

I had spotting of brown blood when i was about 14 weeks my doctor immediately had me have an emergency ultrasound and come to find out I had a pocket of fluid around the placenta. I don't recall the technical name for it but basically he said this is a very common thing that happens when the placenta is attaching itself to the uterine walls. Brown or rust colored blood is actually old blood. If you have already had an ultrasound my advice is to just rest and beware of any cramping. Good luck


Klara - December 6

Are you girls ok now? Hope you are. I had bit of brown bleeding and have U/S tom-its been a very scary few days


MeM - December 6

Last week at 21 weeks I had bright red blood with clots. It was a big gush, I had to go to the hospital immediatly and I had an ultra sound done and the baby is fine. The heart beat was strong and my bleeding had stopped when I got to the hospital. The doctor did an internal and said that because my cervix is sensitive it was probably a vein/vessel that burst and I shouldn't worry. The baby has been kicking me so I count my blessings!! I would not worry it will only make things worse!! :)


Serena - December 6

I've had first trimester spotting and there's several reasons why. Sometimes the cervix can have some capillaries burst because of the growing fetus. It can happen after s_x or a difficult bm. If the u/s was ok, then just take it easy and try not to worry. If I'm having concerns, I call the nurse's station at my ob-gyn and they make me feel better. I hope this helps. - September 1

my gf had a blood clot today while urinating


lessa404 - June 15

Hey, I'm 18w3d and have been bleeding heavily for 4 days now :( they know me by name at the ER now. Started off dark brown and just last night went bright red, and this morning woke up in a puddle (sorry for tmi). I've had an ultrasound day 1, day 3 and going again in a couple hours to confirm Placenta Previa. There is no pain or fever or illness so they tell me they aren't concerned about a late miscarriage. Baby has a strong healthy heart beat and is kicking up a storm. But I'm still scared. Didn't have this with my son. Anyone else have these issues with placenta previa?



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