Turbulence While Flying

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margie - June 27

Is turbulence dangerous when youre pregnant? I'm going to try to conquer my fears of flying to go and see friends in chicago and houston but the one thing now that is getting me kind of freaked out is wondering what effect some turbulence could have on the baby...


teska - June 27

I have acctually spoken to my doctor about it. I have planned a trip to Europe (10 hr. flight) before I even got pregnant. now i'm 23 along and about to hop on the plane next week to take this fiight. I worried about turbulance and pressure and all that stuff. My doctor said that if I were to fly while pregnant this is the best time to do it. The baby is still high up and hasn't dropped yet. It has a lot of room to move around. Planes are designed to keep constant pressure so that's not a problem. Also the baby is protected by layers and layers of insulation, it will probably feel turbulation but it will be no worse that you walking fast. I don't think you should have anything to worry about, but I would advice that you see your doctor make srue your blood pressure is alright and you are good to go.


Tory1980 - June 27

Turbulence isn't really the problem. It's the cabin pressure etc that can cause problems in pregnancy. I am in Northern Ireland and I have always been advised through all my pregnancies not to fly in the first trimester and not after 34weeks(Airlines won't take you) - this often includes letters from the Doctor being needed etc. I have flown however with twp pregnancies and pretty regularly with no problems what-so-ever.


margie - June 27

thank you for the rea__surance! i do plan on asking my doctor to give me the go ahead on my next appointment since it will be only a couple weeks before the flight by then and we're getting a detailed ultrasound then too so we'll know how everything is going


WP - June 27

I was told that the flight itself won't effect the baby (turbulence or cabin pressure, since the cabins are pressurized), it's the fact that if there were to be a problem, you are a really long way from your doctor and medical history. Worse if you are going to a country with a different medical system or you can't speak the language (I don't see that being a big risk in Chicago).


ahidakar1 - July 9

Guess what is much worse than the turbulance - the fact that they are pumping toxic fumes into the cabin!! 


NElizabeth - August 11

I have been told that its fine to fly, just not in the last trimester. From what I understand turbulence isnt a problem. YOu can always ask your doctor



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