13 And Pregnant What About My Parents

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Audrey - February 28

Haley- If you are 7 months along, I hope that you are being closely looked after by a doctor. Your body has not finished developing and having a baby so young can be dangerous for you. If you know who the baby's father is, I'd suggest tracking him down, because he has to take some responsibility too. Best of luck.


eleysha - March 7

i cant say much cause i want a baby too cause they are so loving do not have an aborsion because yes u will kill a living human have it girl have it good luck too well done aswell. mail me at lady_klever90@hotmail.co.uk and give me advice too.


Madison - March 7

hey well i dont know how u fel but i know how i felt when my sister got pregenant at 16 and the father was 25. i was scared cause i was the only one other then her mom who knew. she doesnt live with us cause her mom and my dad are seperated. but if u ever would like to talk ne of u then u can e mail me at glittletimber@aol.com or cutie_pie_13318@hotmail.com. well luv ya all and hope everyting goes well for all of u.


tt - March 9

You will be alright in the future. Do not even think about getting an abortion. You can make it. Talk to the baby's father and have an agreement . If this does not work try a little thing called "ChildSupport".


KanDee - March 9

I think that you should really talk to your boyfriend or father first. also i think you should talk to your parents afterwards... just admitt you made a mistake and then you should go to the nearest planned parenthood or go to your doctor. One other thing that i suggest is that you find a family member or close friend that will keep this a sercret to your parents or explain to them later on. ABORTION IS NOT THE ANSWER. good choice, but another choice is open adoption, thats where you give your baby up for adoption... then later on in the years you can visit your child.... maybe the parents then will let you take the child back or take it with you somewhere and get to know your kid. another thing i think of now is to find a close friend... or a family member that would like to raise your child... because maybe they cant have one... or they are just to unsure to have one of their own kind. if you need any more support just send me a message... kazzerz@hotmail.com -- just to letcha in on a lil info im 13 and im trying to get pregnant but now im a lil unsure... ttul bye


Audrey - March 10

KanDee- Why are you trying to get pregnant at 13? I hope you realize that you will have a VERY hard time finishing school and getting a good job if you have a baby now. Please reconsider, wait until you've at least finished college and have a stable relationship before starting a family.


tweety - March 10

Well I am 13 years old and my man just broke up with me 2 days ago. I still love him, but he acts like he dont like me. I want to have a baby by him,but I dont know how to ask him. I been with him for 6 months and I want to get back with him and have a baby.


JLK - March 10

You are so young, think about adoption. Talk to your parents ASAP. I know it's hard, hell I'm 24 and telling my parents was hard, but the sooner you do it, the less you have to worry about it!


aly - March 11

hey im in the same situation im 13 and im i think im pregnant and i have a question for you what were your symtoms?


brandi - March 12

i'm glad that u don't believe in aborsions cause that is killing a baby but u have to stay strong and tell the father. if u don't he is going to say that he is not the father after he finds out about the responsibilitys he has as a father. you need to stand up for what u believe in and tell that man what he has to do to take care of the baby. never just take a cute man, take a man that u know will take care of the baby when u have s_x. thats the way it should be.


Brittney - March 12

Dear Abigail, u should really be telling your parents about this because if u don't and some how they find out they will be even more mad at u then they would be if u would have told them earlier and also u need to tell the baby daddy about this before he trys to reject u to.So what i am trying to say is, "tell them and get it over with."


Kirsten - March 27

Im thirteen also and i did a report on abortion. you definatly do not wanna get an abortion talk it over with your parents then if they dont support you i would sugest adoption NO ABORTION!!!!


Jessica H - March 31

hey am sorry for what happen but why were you and your boyfriend having s_x?? expecially at this age!!!


Krista age: 13 - April 2

Keep it. You were willing to sleep with him so exept the resposibility.



You should tell your parents because you are going to need them a lot more than you think you are so young and that is a really big deal.I had my first baby at the same age and I thought the same way you do I hope that you don't do the same things I did I lost all of my family I am preg.. again now I am only 16 I will be 17 in june if you need somebody I am here.daddies_lil_girl2002@yahoo.com


Mari - April 18

It should be your parents and NOT the boyfriend you're worrying about....at this time in your life your famly should be your backbone and strength to face a tough situation, most boyfriends dont have the b___s to provide you with the strength so dont find ASSURANCE in a man.... if anything find your strength within your child nad then make the decisions that are best for not only YOU but the BABY, everyone else will matter third, fourth even last.



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