Alone Amp Pregnant

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lana18 - October 13

Lola omg i'm from trini too!


lola308 - October 15

lol. probably something in the water here then. lol


bull2604 - November 2

Hello Draven, Lola308 and lana18, I feel so proud about all of you since you have been courageous in not giving up ur baby. Im still in a delimma with mine because I too chose a coward as the father of my baby. Now Im 7 weeks and I'm dead scared but Im still looking around for the adoption way but its not real easy in my country India where single women are looked down upon and questioned on the father's ident_ty and hence Im all by myself. Lonely God bless you all


bull2604 - November 3

lorrielocks, Howfar have you come alongand whats happening with you.Did you let the father know? hope all turned out well if you did.


lola308 - November 3

hi bull2604, Thanks but God is the only thing taking me through this. If I could hold your hand and walk you through it I would because I don't think some men really get what we are in for and society is none the gentler. Do what's best for YOU honey. I can't keep you company physically but I'm online and you can email me. My child's father is acting relatively normal now but I'm still not going to depend on him cause I'm in my own groove and my courage is up to the sky. Hugs and Kisses to all the brave mamas and mamas to be. we'll be fine.


bull2604 - November 7

Dear Lola308, Since you were around just want to inform you that my baby's heartbeats have stopped and its no more. Please pray for its soul to R.I.P. Thanks for your support. God Bless you. You'll always be in my prayers. Please mail me on bull2604atgmaildotcom with you rmeail or chat id so that we can keep in touch. I would love to know how you progress as a well wisher of yours forever. Love and Hugs


strwbrryvnlla - November 11

Reading some of the things on here makes me sad, but I understand I'm not alone. I really need to tell my story and not get judged for it. I'm 22 and 10 weeks pregnant. I am sadly still married but we don't live together. He lives with a group of his friends now. We didn't get along when I got pregnant. My hormones flying all over the place and he didn't like it. Which hurts since we were trying to have this baby. He moved out of our house and just left. I'm stupid enough to keep falling for his games. The I still love you. I don't want a divorce. Then it turns to f^^^ you. I'm fighting for sole custody... and on and on. I recently found out one of his friends he is living with is his old high school fling. And even better is the money he owed me for our bills went to her to b__w at the mall (because she was sick) was his excuse. But I'm sitting at home sick every day can't barely work and I get nothing. I'm at the point that I don't want this child but I could never have an abortion. I'm looking into adoption now. But I just don't know how long I can take this... do I just file for divorce and leave... idk... someone please please please help me!


jennandluis - November 11

HEy strwbrryvnlla, i'm really sorry to hear that you are going through this, I can just imagine how tough it is to be pregnant and your husband be living with his ex. Although, I have lived through some dramatic experiences myself. I was 6months pregnant, when my ex sent me down a flight of stairs, because I caught him with another woman. So not only did I loose my baby, I lost the chance to ever have babies. I have moved on quite differently and have now remarried and have a wonderful husband. He has 2 kids he brought in to our marriage and they are greaat. Don't get me wrong, but there not little and I can bring them up the way I would. Its different. I have tried to ask friends to have a baby for me, but they all say they can't because they wouldn't be able to give it to me. I have done the whole adoption process and the girl ended up having a miscarriage. This is very exhausting, but well worth the wait. I'm currently going to school online and homeschooling my stepdaughter cause she's 6 months pregnant. My step son is in school and in the 9th grade. My husband is an Engineer at his job and we have great means of taking care of a child. We would like the opportunity to adopt a child. Our children will have the ability to learn two languages and have an excellent school system to attend. We also have lots of family time and much love for our new baby. If you are interested please contact me at jenisalazar (at) live (dot) com. I'm very sorry that some men, just take advantage of their situation, but think about your baby and you, and you make that decision. Do it for yourself. You at least deserve that and more to come in the future. Good luck in your decision and please let me know if you need anything.


jessica0775 - November 13

I understand your situation completely. I am currently 33 weeks pregnant and I don't have the support of my husband. He is living in an apartment by himself as far as I know but he hasn't been very supportive. It can be very depressing because it's just difficult to go through pregnancy without a partner. I'm thankful for my family and friend's support but it's not the same if my husband was there for me. He is severely depressed about his life and job. I've tried to ask him to go to counseling together but he doesn't want to go. I believe he thinks it is a sign of weakness. I'm looking forward to meeting my baby girl regardless of how my husband is acting. I don't have the time or energy to focus on that right now because I'm so tired all the time in my third trimester. Some of his male friends think he will come around after the baby is born but I don't know if he will or not. It's hard because I love the man with all my heart but I don't know if he feels the same way about me. You can't make somebody love you. I think he may have moved on already also. The holidays are going to be difficult. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about him. Life must go on...I can't dwell on the past. I have other responsibilities to myself and the baby. Take Care!


bull2604 - November 14

Hey strwbrryvnlla, Its the same rule for all human beings. Every time you get stuck while judging him just ask yourself a question- would you have treated him the same way that he treats you currently in the given scenario???? If the answer is YES - dont ever think of leaving him, but if the answer is NO- dont think twice and let him go because you deserve much better and braver companion for the bold and beautiful person you are. Trust me The last 1 month have been HELL for me literally but someone then just told me that "you are a child of God. Remain strong in your faith, no matter how many mistakes God's children make along the way of growing up, they are still destined for Grace and eternal Joy." Just write to me at bull2604atgmaildotcom and share - Im here to listen because I know how it feels. Hope you find peace and just go by what your inner voice tells you to do- trust me it never lies.... Hugs- Nia


carlican - November 20

Like many have said, it's so sad to see so many women going through the same problems. Pregnancy, although a wonderful thing itself, can unfortunately prove that our partners weren't what we thought. When I got pregnant two years ago, my boyfriend said terminate or I'll leave. So, being young and scared, I did. Biggest mistake ever. I'm now 26 weeks pregnant with the same boyfriend, and his att_tude still stinks. Me and baby come last in everything. I feel like a single mom within a relationship. I'm sure once baby is born, I'll manage all on my own. Us women are strong.


gegi01 - November 21

Hi i am 21... will be 22 soon, my boyfriend committed suicide back in July unknowing that I was pregnant well probably he did because he knew I was taking fertility treatment. The sad thing is that he did it in front of my home, his family totally turned on me already disowned the unborn child and only family and friends have me surviving because if it was up to me I would of been gone a long time ago, this is a very hard b__w to take seeing that I devoted 5 years into this guy...and I am 24 weeks pregnant


jessica0775 - November 22

I'm glad there is a place for us single pregnant woman to vent. It's so hard sometimes being pregnant and alone. I feel I'm so blessed to be pregnant and I've had a great pregnancy thus far. I have about 5 more weeks to go & I'm excited and nervous. I am currently debating on letting my estranged husband in the delivery room or not. He wants to be there but I don't need any added stress on me. He has been to a few of my pre-natal appointments so I don't know what I should do. I don't want him to resent me either for not letting him in there for the birth of our firstborn child. We had been married for 11 years and struggled with infertility. It's ironic that I got pregnant and now we are not together but I'm trying to be cordial for the sake of our future child.


marymerry - November 22

First of all I understand your pain. I am seventeen weeks pregnant and have just ended my marriage of over ten years. I have four children already. You are not alone. Lean on your family and close friends for support. As for his desire to not have any financial obligation too bad he does. Get legal advise and make sure that you list him as the father on the birth certificate. he doesnt have to like it but it is his responsibility too. Hang in there you will get through this. You have many things to be thankful for and one of them is your baby. Take Care and God Bless


Draven - November 24

Thankyou for all your kind words and responses to my posts :) I have really appreciated having you here to guide me through this difficult time. I just want to say that I am now 16 weeks and Im looking forward to finding out the s_x of my child on the 21st of december. It hasnt been easy but I am back on my feet and moving on without the support of my previous partner. I know I have to be strong for my little one. I wish you all the luck in the world and my deepest sympathy goes out to you all that haven't been as fortunate. Stay in touch and feel free to email me anytime. Thanks again to you all for giving me the strength to be doing this.xx


Grandpa Viv - November 25

Draven, I'm proud of the way you are handling this. Have you felt movement yet? What are your living arrangements now? I look forward to emails with you. Stay strong, young lady, and good luck!



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