Conflicted... My Bf Wants An Abortion But I Dont. Help

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GoGlori - October 2


So i'm turning 26 next month and I'm 9 weeks pregrant. This wasnt planned and happened unexpectedly. My bf (27yr) who I love very much isnt ready to become a father. Since the day i found out ( at 5 weeks) he has been pressuring me to have an abortion because he isnt ready and thinks we are too young and since it was an accident we will be forcing this on us. I dont feel that way, yes im scared at what is to come because i know a baby is life changing but im wiling to step up to the responsibility. On the other hand he is making me feel really guilty for wanting to keep it. He is saying things like all our dreams are over and he wont be able to persue them because he will be too busy now taking care of me and the baby. I currently have my own career that he says i have to give up and become dependant on him and i just dont know if im ready for that. He wants me to move out of state to his home town so we can be closer to his family. I've already had 1 abortion in my past because i thought i was too young and wasnt ready and i regreted right after and told myself i would never do it again. my bf doesnt know this part about me because i didnt feel like i wanted to share it but maybe he would understand if he did but i just feel like i couldnt share that with him bc ive already lied. Im afaird that if i have a second abortion that i will be throwing away my chances at motherhood and what if in the future i wont be able to have children myself because of this. I could really use any advise or words at this time.  adoption is not an option. Thank you.


Olivia78 - October 3

Hello! I want to support and encourage you. By reading your message I can tell that you want to keep your baby. Please don't let anyone guilt you into loosing your little one or this unique opportunity to be a mom! You've already felt the pain of abortion and you don't need to go through that again. I am a mom too and my kids being out the very best in me every day, and though it can definitely be challenging, the joy and love far outshines everything else. Men often feel the world on their shoulders. They often feel they need to take care of eveeything, but the thing is we women are extremely strong, especially ehen it comes to caring for our kids! You know what you want. Please go with your own heart and keep your baby! If you want to talk I am here.



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