Faked Pregnancy And Birth?

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BeeTea - February 12

When my partner and I first got together, we were non-monogamous. One of the conditions of our open relationship was that he always use protection. He didn't. (I've made him get tested, and everything is fine on that front.) He has (had?) fertility issues when getting his ex-wife pregnant with their 7 year old son - low sperm motility. I think he thought he couldn't get anyone pregnant, so he decided to just not use protection.

Fast forward to November of 2017 - one of the women he slept with claims that she is pregnant and the baby is his. He had cut off contact with her completely in July. She just appeared out of the blue to share this information - in a SnapChat story no less. She never showed him pregnancy tests. She never sent ultrasounds. She claimed that she was out of the country - in Italy and Greece. When he told her that he wasn't going to have contact with her until the baby was born and they could do a paternity test, she said she was going to stay out of the country.

In mid-December she started messaging him again. He didn't respond, so she told him she'd given birth to his son. First she said right after Christmas. Then, she said on the 31st. The timeline for pregnancy didn't seem to match up. She claimed the baby was a preemie. She sent pictures of a baby - but none with her. They were all cropped to just be a baby.

She spent time berating him for not being present when she was pregnant. Then, she blocked him for a month because he couldn't answer the phone while at work. The last message she sent at that point was, "You're gonna wish you answered that call." Since he thought that there was a chance she had had his child, he went out of his way to try to contact her. 

Every time he has asked her to do a paternity test, she's blown up at him. Yesterday when he asked for her to do one, she suddenly switched and said the baby wasn't his - that she had gotten dates wrong. She also said she was going to take the baby and leave the country. 

He asked her to take a photo of her with the baby, and she blew up again. I don't believe that she was ever even pregnant. There are so many lies and inconsistencies in details that I think she is just trying to hurt him for leaving her. But he's a good dad, and he doesn't want to not have a final answer. I'm stuck in this impossible situation of having this woman pop up every single day, saying horrible things about me regularly, and just in general making our lives hell.

Has anyone had experience with this sort of thing? I just want things to be over with - whether he has a kid with her or not. No one can move forward without an answer. I'm so frustrated and anxious. 



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