I Want To Adopt

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Noire1 - August 27

 A single mother to a don 21 and daughter 17 however due to having fibroids and surgery I no longer have the chance to conceive. I own my own business I'm from a back Caribbean decent but born here in UK advice please 


mimibrightleen - November 12

ADOPTION!! Wish To Give Custody Of My Baby Girl To Any Loving Family. I dont know if this is the rightful place to do this but I need a caring family to take in my baby girl. I dont care if you are married or single, I just want her to be in with a loving person before its too late. Please do contact me at ((571) 429-3497) so that i may tell you my story. I am sorry but this is the only option i have. Please dont contact me to insult me, your contribution and advice is greatly appreciated.


anab - August 18

Hey Noire! I hope that you're alright. Really you are facing a very difficult situation. It is hard to go through this. Now every disease can be cured. Just be strong and think positive. There are many couples who are infertile. As you are the single mother so surrogacy is suitable for you. I knew about a clinic which is in Europe. Must consult with them. They had a good staff and excellent knowledge about surrogacy. Many couples complete their parenthood dream at this clinic. The amazing thing is that they provide surrogate and sperm donors. It will be awesome when you have your biological kid. So don't be late and visit that clinic. Wish you good luck.


bena12 - August 18

Really sorry for your problems. It was really very hard for you. Well, you are in a right place. My sister was in the same situation as you. She visited a clinic in Europe. They treated her really very well. They recommend her surrogacy. She was scared at the beginning. All goes well at the end. She is a mother now. The surrogate was a very nice lady. My sister is still in touch with her. So I would suggest you visit them. Wish you the best of luck. Baby dust to you


alejcojo123 - November 6

It took me time to understand that giving your own born child for adoption is not been selfish rather very unselfish.
I know it took me 9 months to carry this baby and he deserves nothing but the best , that is why I want him to be adopted into a lovely and caring home out there. 
Life is not all the way best for me and I know they are families out there who will do nothing but to see that this child has a well secured future.
If you are seriously seeking to adopt newborn baby boy, please contact me directly for more information.
you can send me an email directly : alejcojocaru    AT    gmail   DOT  com



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