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Jessiefordaisys88 - March 19

I am 5 months pregant. I had to kick out my child's father after living together for a year because he was doing drugs and the day I kicked him out he took my son for what I thought was a hair cut and he came back broke and no hair cut and he was messed up and I find out he took my son to his drug dealers house and did drugs then drove him home on drugs. So I had to kick him out and told him he couldn't come back until he got better. Well 3 weeks go by and next thing I know he's in a serious relationship and wants me to meet this girl because she's gonna be around our daughter... I flipped out because we had just freaking broken up 3 weeks prior. We were a family me, him and my other children for a little over a year.... well flipping out about it got me the "you're crazy" I tried to get him to come home bc I thought this was just a phase. Well he told me I was going to die alone and I have to just deal with his new relationship, I also find out she's staying weekends with him st his parents house. I find out they are doing drugs together and I try to tell his family but nobody believed me. Well, couple of more weeks go by and my son broke his arm. He told his boss he had to leave work because his "son" broke his arm and he came to visit us in the hospital and he talked about his girlfriend the whole time and talked about how she made her a blanket and took pictures of my son and sent them to her. How rude was that? And talked about how much he was partying...He stayed 20 minutes and left to go meet her. Didn't even bother to check in on him the day after nothing I even let him know we came home. I got nothing back. We argue and argue the next few weeks how he shouldn't be focusing on having a girlfriend he should be focusing on staying clean and becoming a father but now i'm just the "jealous" baby momma. Well, just last week, he was caught talking to another girl behind her back and they broke up. I earlier on asked him to please keep his chick life off of Facebook until after our daughter was born because it was super embarrassing and I wanted to keep our personal drama off Facebook. Well he wouldn't stop posting stuff about her and I had to keep fighting with him to take it down. I decided I didn't want him coming to any more doctor appts or even at the hospital after what he's done to me...  but I change my mind and try to be mature and let him come to the ultrasound and we got along and we discussed once again to keep his relationship off Facebook. But a day before that they had broken up because he had went behind her back with another girl. Shortly after the doctor, he posted pictures of the ultrasound but then turned around and posted a photo of them with the caption "my favorite person on earth" I got mad and flipped out again because why are you disrespecting me and still doing what I asked you not too. Well. We started working on a custody agreement to have it ready when she gets here, but I think he should be supervised by myself or his mother. I also think neither one of us should have over night guest that is not close family. And guest should leave at a set time while she is in his care bc I don't want them to be a distraction. Because of the drug use and taking my son to do drugs and then his family allowing women to stay weekends with him. His mom thinks i'm being unfair that he needs to be supervised with our daughter. So here are my questions. Am I wrong for thinking he should be supervised for the first year? He is a first time father. What should I ask for in a custody agreement? Or should only allow supervised visitations? Should I even allow him to be in the room when she's born and sign the birth certificate? I don't know what to do :( am I wrong for thinking he shouldn't be dating while he has a child coming? Am I wrong for feeling it's messed up his family is supporting his dating habits?? What all should i do? Help 


Grandpa Viv - March 19

Wow, what a loser! If there's any way you can lose him you should. This guy is going to mess with your mind and your life as long as he is anywhere near it. 



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