My Family Wants Me To Abort

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EricaG - February 2

SLP, you have fallen in love with this baby. Please don't abort it just because everyone else wants you too. This baby is a gift from god and when you look into his or her eyes you will know where your future is. He has no right to say you wont have a future. Sure, money will be tight for a while, but things work themselves out. If anything, give the baby up for adoption. If you go on the TTC forum or the pregnancy forum you will see many women in pain because they have no baby to hold in their arms. There are so many couples out there that would pay all of your hospital expenses just so they could call your baby their own. You could do a wonderful thing, give a couple a baby. Or another wonderful thing, mother your own child, but please dont' get an abortion.


jg - February 3

SLP, I agree with EricaG 100%. Do you really want to be responsible for taking a life? Yes your life will change, but you will experience love and joy that you cannot get from any other source than your own child.


Layla - February 3

What made your parents decide to kick you out all of a sudden?


callie - February 3

this is not my place but as a parent i want to yell at yours right now. You are going to be 22 sound responsable at least enought to BE in collages and still concerned with your future. Your an adult in any way its so strange that they would come to that conclusion!!! This may not be planned but look at all the potemtioal and ability you posess. Like the others said this is a new beginning for you a child can be the hardest but most rewarding thing in the world. I know you must be devistated and when this baby is born its going to be hard to deal with your parents as i can almost guarentee that no matter how rude or mad they are now once the baby is here they will have diffrent feelings. Please fill us in we have all answered in response because your story is on our hearts let us know how things are going and if you need any information on how to do this..a lot f us have been a single parent and know how to use the programs out there. Depending on where you are and where you attend collage i can get you info on wether your collage has a mommy to be program. best of luck keep your head up and remember that little one inside you is depending on you for peotection in some ways your all each other has as you have made it sound. your in my prayers


callie - February 3

forgot to add that is adoption is on your mind there are a bunch of wonderfull organizations that will litteraly house you and take care of your expenses during the pregnancy even some couples will take on your expenses personaly to ensure that you can continue going to school....there are so many options out there you just have to find them. best of luck again keep us updated.


SLP - February 3

Thank you all so much for your kind words and support!!! In response to Layla, I think that my parents so strongly want me to have an abortion that they think that if they threaten to kick me out then I'll decide I have no other choice. i know that they are only doing what they think is best for me, but it still hurts. In response to Callie I've looked into adoption but at this point I am very dedicated to raising my baby. I have already taken some steps to get government aid, I just got accepted for medicaid and I have my first pre-natal appt on Monday. Right now I am at Georgia Perimeter College. If I decide to move to the town where my boyfriend lives I will be going to Gaineville College or I will re-enroll at the University of Georiga, where I started my degree. I'm currently living in Lawrenceville, GA, might be moving to Athens, Ga, but still trying to decide. Thank you all so much!!!!!!!!


callie - February 3

im so happy for truly sounds like your going to be a wonderful mother. this is somewhat personal but at the age of 17 i thought i was in love with a guy so much in fact that i would not hear my parents advice that he was mom and dad got so scared and upset they told me i had to marry him or stop seeing him....this was theyr attemp to stop it all and get my attention they never in a million years thought i would be so stubborn as to get married at 17...but me in my lack of wisdom did it! I can see how your parents may have tried the same tactic with you in moving out....but my parents as will yours soon realized that threats dont work most of the time. I finished high school and collage and worked and now have a great relationship with my parents. My marrage didnt work out but that was due to age and other factors...being a mother is not at all comparable to a marrage but i just wanted to point out that sometimes our moms and dads run out of ideas and go with some pretty desporate ones. Family are important and i hope your will realize that they have a bright and wonderful daughter and are soon to have a beautiful and amazing grandbaby!!!! the best of luck to all of you if you need any info let me know i work for goverment programs and i can usually find out all kinds of info.


krc - February 3

I say dont get an abortion. You only have 1 1/2 years left of school. Well by the time you have your baby you should only have a few cla__ses left , right? I plan on going to school after my baby is born . Women do it all the time. Then you'll be making the money to live a decent life. So in your case I dont think your baby is getting in the way of your plans at all. Your getting older, almost done with school !! It'd be different if say you just started school and younger but girl your almost there !!!! Im going to be a single parent too by the way. Don't listen to your family. They aren't the ones going to be raising the baby so they shouldn't tell you to get rid of it. This baby could be the best thing to happen to you and if you abort with your already conflicted feelings you'll regret it. Especially when your out of school with a good job, living comfortably with money to spend/save you'll be thinking, wow, my baby would be 3 right now. I could've easily made it thru that last year of school and still had my baby. Like I said, your almost there, don't give up or give in. It's your child, not theirs.


krc - February 3

you know it seems like you really want this baby but the pressure is giving you conflicting feelings. THEY are making you feel this way ! Does your school have a daycare? I know alot of them do. You may have to work full time and go to school part time in the evenings, it may take you longer to finish school but hang in there. I live in jacksonville, fl. Not far from you. Im going do school part-time evenings while working full time. I know that getting school out of the way while the baby is still very young is better than waiting. By the time im making the big bucks he/she will be starting school and I can afford to live nice, buy things, send him/her to summer camp if I want. I dont know why your boyfriend thinks having a baby means no money and no future. The only future you'll be missing out on is the partying kind. There are so many things you can do with your child that makes life rewarding. Going to the zoo, museums, camping, community activites. Just make an effort to be an involved parent and you wont be missing out on anything. Find women in your area who also have small children, take turns babysitting eachother's kids so you can have a girls night out. This baby is a blessing !!! I don't believe people accidentally get pregnant. God has that time already appointed.Good luck and dont let anyone make you feel like having this baby is the wrong choice because it's not !


SLP - February 3

Thank you so much krc!!


April - February 3

SLP... I feel really proud of you that you want to keep this baby so bad. That just shows how much of a generous, loving, selfless, responsible individual you are. You'd think your parents would be proud of that. Even if they want you to get an abortion right now, that'll change. You just wait till you get that baby in your arms... ooooooohhhhh my goodness it's awesome. And then you get to see the first smile! and hear the first laugh! and watch the first time he/she eats baby food! it's soooooo cute! they just love it... and you also get to see that "look" that your baby gives you. Like you are just the most special person in the world and you can tell your baby loves you sooooo unbelievably much. It's absolutely amazing. My daughter is 6-months-old right now. Every day with her keeps getting better and better. She's growing so fast and I've been here to see all of it. I just love her sooo soooooo much. I would just hug and kiss her 24 hours a day if she'd let me.. haha. I can't wait for you to have this feeling. Your parents are going to feel it too... wait and see. Either way you should DEFINITELY feel proud of yourself... no matter what anyone says. You're amazing!!!


Melissa - February 7

I was forced into an abortion when I was a teenage. It was the worst thing that could happen to me because I really did want the child. It cause me and my mother to have a rift between us for a very long time. Do what YOU want to do. It would not be selfish for your child if you kept the child!


confusedgrl - February 8

like pp i was forced into getting an abortion. ***this is graphic please do not read any further if you are sensitive to this issue***i just turned 16. i called up my mom (i had moved in with my brothers dad) and the first words out of her mouth were i want you to get an abortion. my brother's dad who is very religious (i prayed to God and said whatever he says is what i am going to do bc i thought he would tell me to keep it) well he even said to get an abortion. i was so unsure of my rights and so confused and no one not even the people i talked to online supported me keeping my child. i got one the next day and i have yet to recover (5 years later), i thought i would be ok with it but i really wasnt. i also had complications and actually m/c a month later, i burried my child in the backyard of the house i was staying at bc i didnt know what else to do. my advice if you at all want to keep this child please do it, there are always options open to help you raise this child. please do what you want to do not what everyone else is saying/threatening. please listen to yourself!!!


Baby-bambino - October 22

I am in the same position as you. Although I am a little younger. As soon as I found out I was pregnant I told my ex partner and he was fully supportive and he wanted to keep the baby, but now he won’t even speak to me or support me and he wants me to have an abortion. It’s not that I am against abortions but I just can’t have one myself. All of my family want me to have an abortion, and my mum has kicked me out because she can’t support me. But she keeps trying to make me feel bad as if I have this baby I have to go to a mother and baby unit and so she won’t get any money for me and therefore she has to get another job. It makes me feel so babe because she works so hard already when she shouldn’t even be working with how her back is. I just don’t know what to do anymore, if I go ahead with the pregnancy then I will have no family. But I don’t want to end the pregnancy either. Any advice would truly be appreciated 


Grandpa Viv - October 22

Bambino, sympathy for the tough spot you are in. One in three women has an abortion at some time in her life, often not for the first pregnancy but for a later one when she understands what is involved. The logical answer is obvious. Your emotional answer is in conflict. 



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