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Sherry - June 12

What if the guy says that he loves you and cares a lot about you and wants to be with you forever and always? How do you know when he's telling the truth? And when you do get pregnant and he leaves you, then what do you do?


kay - March 7

if you think he is going to leave you then you probably shouldn't be thinking about having his baby


delana - March 8

it happened to me. He stayed with me until i was 6months and then he was nowhere to be found. Iwent on because i had more important things to worry about like the baby i was pregnant with.


Jennifer - March 8

If you're not pregnant yet, then I would recommend waiting until you get married to have a baby. If you are, hang in there. I was fifteen when I had my son and his dad left me two years later. He is still trying to bounce in and out of the picture. But I'm happily married now and we are expecting in October. So there are good guys out there that are marriage material and willing to take care of you and your baby(whether or not it's his child). But I do stress on waiting to have a baby until you get married if you aren't pregnant now.


jessica - March 25

my man always want to have s_x but dont he is presurring me


Steph - May 16

Hey love is tough...I thought I had the perfect guy. I wanted to marry him and we talked about it and he thought it was great, then I got pregnant...he seemed cool about it and then I proposed to him and it was like a slap in the face. I thought it would be a good thing. Together two years and he told me he loved me and wanted my kids untill I got pregnant, then he wanted out of the realtionship...some people you just have to live and learn from.I lost my first pregnancy at 10 1\2wks, We worked on our relationship and everything was great and then I got pregnant and out came this different person again and I realized he didn't love me and I was an object. I am 8wks pregnant and he is now walking out the door. Go on your gut feeling and do what you think is right but don't let anything surprise you because just when ou think you know someone...BAM its gone.


Jess - May 18

If he loves you he will wait.


Heather - June 12

I was with my boyfriend for 11yrs, got pregnant with his baby and he left me and he hasnt been there once for me and he also is dating someone else and has been for 5months. I didnt plan on getting prego it just happened, and now im 30weeks pregnant and he is still with her, but he always says how much he cares about this baby, but he is finding it hard to leave the other girl. I never thought he would do this to me, but you just never know.



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