Single Pregnant And Alone With 2 Possible Dads

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sweetpeas - May 15

Here's my story.. Any advise or opinion is needed. There are 2 guys who I have known closely for over 10 years. Guy 1 is my high school sweetheart, my first all of that. For the last 10 years we have hooked up on and off but he's gone down some ba roads and although trying to put his life together he is not stable and already has a 1 year old baby with an ex. Guy 2 I have a sort of long history with but have been casually dating from January till April but come to find out he is still with his girlfriend who he said he had ended it with. Here's the catch.. They are life long friends. Guy 2 and I have always been off limits. So he knows all about guy 1 but guy 1 knows nothing about guy 2 because I have barely seen or spoken to him. Guy 2 and I last slept together march 24 for sure and maybe one more time a week later and then stopped talking to me. A week later the weekend of April 6th I was drunk and upset and slept with guy 1. I did not use protection with either. Guy 2 knows I'm pregnant and has completly lost it, wanted an abortion all that and now won't speak to me last words - I want a test. Valid I know. Guy 1 knows nothing and although may make me a horrible person but I have no intention to tell him either for fear of what he may do (like I said not stable). Guy 2 knows nothing about guy 1. The truth is I have finally made up my mind that I'm having this child and I am going to do it on my own. So at the end of the day it's doesn't matter for any reason but morally. I've told guy 2 that he's off the hook I won't pursue anything I don't want anything. I'm prepared to do this I can do this. But at night when I can't sleep my heart aches at the thought it could be guy 1. Please any advise is helpful Here's the breakdown.. Period the 1st of dec. 1st of Jan. 1st of feb. Then the 1st of march was only 3 days - not normal and then there was another round of bleeding the 25th of march for about 4 days - also not normal. The week of the 30th-5th I should have started but didn't.. I figured okay maybe at the end. And then nothing. My br___t started hurting the week of the 30th and I was an emotional basket case the last week of march 1st of April. I had s_x with guy 2 march 24 possibly one more time after that I had s_x with guy 1 April 6th. According to the doctor I am 7 weeks today. He's says conception was the 10th.. Could I be further along and it's just smaller then normal cuz I hardly are and chained smoked? Is there any chance it could be guy 2 or is it more likely what I fear and is guy 2. When I close my eyes and listen it feels like that's not right it feels like guy 2 but I think I might just be going crazy and trying to convience myself so I don't totally lose it. Please help


sweetpeas - May 15

Sorry so long I tried to sum it up the best I could :-/


sweetpeas - May 16

one last thing :-/ At the end there is a typo I meant "what I fear is its guy 2" should say "what I fear is its guy 1"


Grandpa Viv - May 26

That dating method is considered accurate to within a few days. S_x April 6th would be well set to catch ovulation April 10th following a period March 25th. Not remembering when else you might have been with Guy 2 after March 24th is tricky. The weird periods at the beginning of March and April and the emotional basket at the end of March remain unexplained.



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