3 Months Old Choking At Every Feeding HELP

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kelly826826 - October 6

My baby keeps choking at every feeding. She is 12 weeks old and went and had a swallow study done at the MUSC hospital and come to find out she is apirating, which means it has been going into her lungs. Has anyone had this problem with their baby? They are wanting to put her to sleep in two weeks to do more tests. IM SO SCARED! Dealing with this is unbearable! She cries and cries when its time to feed. Please HELP


jaa - October 9

Hi Kelly. I'm sorry to hear about the trouble your daughter is having. Did the hospital give you any feeding recommendations while you wait for the nex round of testing? Sometimes adjusting things like the type of nipple or size of the opening in it, or even the thickness of the liquid can help. I hope they gave you some advice on that; if not, maybe you can ask so you and your baby don't have to suffer for 2 more weeks. Good luck!


kelly826826 - October 9

They had me add 1 tsp of rice cereal to every ounce of milk to thicken it and then they had me switch to avent variable flow nipples until the next test. I have noticed that if we hold her completely up she doesnt choke but if she is slanted at all she will. I am going to mention that as soon as I see the Dr. again. maybe that has something to do with it.


jaa - October 9

I'm so glad that you found something that works for your daughter, at least for the next 2 weeks until you have more answers. (The thicker liquids don't move as quickly through the mouth, and the upright positioning prevents gravity from moving milk too quickly to the throat, so it must give your daughter that extra split-second to close her airway before the milk gets to her throat. Glad it's working!) My sister had similar feeding problems as an infant, and she did need formula thickened for quite some time, but didn't end up with any long-term eating difficulties. I hope that will be the same for your daughter. Please let me know how it goes.


jen327 - December 4

My son has severe reflux, and he chokes and gags too. He also has Laryngomalacia (Floppy Airway) We feed him sitting up (challenging while b___stfeeding) and feed him with the rice cereal when he is bottle fed. We also put him on a tucker sling to sleep. Could it be reflux? He also aspirated into his lunghs.


catgiggles - May 3

My ds was a preemie and had this problem. He was put on a substance called thickit until his weight got to where they wanted then we were able to change to a product called Simply thick. It is much more convient as well as it doesnt cause the big D. We had to hold up up to fed him as well as thickening his formula to the consistency of honey. I also found a way to make my own simply thick b/c that stuff is very expensive. You would still want the simply thick if you are traveling but the homemade kind works great for all the bottles at home. We were seen at childrens hospital. The thickeness that my son required we could not use cereal b/c it would have caused him to become over weight. If you have any other questions you can think of you are welcome to email me at lil_bunn_y at hotmail (dot) com. the _ are supose to be there just put the rest together after that. Let me know your from the forum so it dont get trashed! Oh and on the setting up while feeding we had to set him on our leg and hold his head up by putting a thumb on one side and middle finger on the other side of his jaw and hold him up in a setting position. It mite not be so hard for you b/c even at 3 months he should have only been 6 weeks and so he did not have a lot of kneck strength yet.


luckylove - September 22

When my son was aspirating we had to put Thick & Easy in his food. The rice cereal works too but it's more for GERD (Acid Reflux). So it doesn't work as well as the Thick & Easy.


hmpg - July 21

While feeding the baby, the position in which you place yourself and place the baby is very important. The baby must be in a comfortable position to allow the milk to swallow properly.


dekraytom - August 28

nice , thanks for sharing it



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