Planned Pregnancy

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bluejay1202 - August 14

Hi all.  Just posting for the first time.  I'm tweleve and just found out I got pregnant when I seduced my uncle.  He want to have sex with me so he was easy to seduce.  Had lots of sexy with him cuming deep inside me when I told him I was safe and on the pill.  He knew that I had been taking the pill.  Mom put me on the pill when I was 11 1/2.  Took it for three weeks and quit.  Told him im pregnant and that the pill must not have worked for me.   I knew I was in the right time to get pregnant when I seduced him and it worked.  Now I get to be home schooled like I wanted. 


Grandpa Viv - August 15

Hi Bluejay. You must be feeling proud of your accomplishment. I hope you get to see a doctor soon as special care is needed. Come back and keep us updated as the pregnancy progresses. 


bluejay1202 - August 31

Very happy that I am pregnant.  Uncle is taking very good care of me.  Have been to doctor and he specializes in teen mothers  and he has help girls younger than me become mothers.  He hope to get me to 35 or  36 weeks before for I have a c-section delivery.  I told him I would love my baby scar where they cut my belly to get the baby out.  He will not let me push the baby out because it might hurt the baby be cause I'm so little.  Seeing doctor every two weeks.  At six months it will be every week.  Mom still does not know we are pregnant and so we can't sleep togther except when mom's at work.


Grandpa Viv - September 3

Bluejay, I'm glad to hear you are under a doctor's care. I expect she will want to keep a close watch on your blood pressure as "preeclampsia in pregnancy" can be a problem in first and teen births. You can google that for more info.

I hope your mom handles the news well. Your uncle might have a problem with the law if it becomes known he is the father. Good luck!


bluejay1202 - September 14

This is a totally planned pregnancy at least on my part.  Baby daddy is happy with our baby coming in a little while.  Mom was pissed at first now she is getting batter as I expained that this was my idea.  Got what I wanted! I now don't have to sneak around to have sex, got to move in to bedroom with baby daddy and we are turning my room into a nursery when the baby comes.  Morning sickness is ok because it caused by my baby.Going to doctor every week because he said this is a high risk pregnancy based on my age and sizeand I will have a C Section Delivery.  Being home schooled with my friend Mary, she is pregnant also, 4 1/2 months.  She is the one that made me want a baby by telling me how happy she was and how excited the baby daddy was about her unplanned pregnancy.


Grandpa Viv - September 16

Good work, Bluejay. Come back after your first trimester ultrasound and from time to time thereafter to give us an update. It will help others in your situation. If I guess right your due date will be about April 21st but the planned C-section will be a month earlier.


bluejay1202 - January 3

Well it's the new year and I'm very happy and over half way to our baby.  It's a girl and the daddy is excitedboy this site is hard to use.  I've been trying for months to get back on so I could let everyone know about my daughter.


Grandpa Viv - January 9

Good to hear from you, Bluejay. This site is easier to use from a computer than from a smartphone. Do you want to tell us about your early signs, nausea etc? Now you are in the second trimester things should be a lot easier. How is the home school going?


bluejay1202 - February 9

Happy to be a mom and wife.  Consider my uncle to be my husband.  We are the parents of a very special baby girl. Having her was second best thing, marring Uncle was first. Trying for a little boy this time.



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