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tritty - May 6

Just like I said I would, I'm starting a thread for the August mommies! Horray for us! Our babies will be here before we know it!


c2beaudoin - May 12

Long time no talk ladies! The second tri just flew by, now we're in the home stretch! My friend at work had her baby yesterday, a boy 7lbs 12oz. Hearing about her birth just makes me even more excited about meeting my own little one. My belly has been growing steadily, it's starting to look like a round little ball. I remember the days of us freaking out about making it past that 12 week mark lol and now look at us only 3 months away from the goal lol. Hope you are all feeling great and that all is well with you and your little babes!


lynzelou - May 12

HELLOOOO THIRD AND FINAL TRIMESTER! YAY!!!! And hello ladies! Whew! It has definitely flown by! I can't believe our littles ones will be here in 3 months! Here's what's going on with me: My rash finally went away! My doc prescribed prednisone and it helped and I stopped taking it as soon as I noticed the rash starting to clear. I just took my 2nd one hour glucose test today (my docs office does it twice for some reason) and they just called not that long ago to tell me I have to do the 3 hr test first thing in the morning! UGH!! I guess my glucose levels were at 169 (most places like you to be under 140/135) so I was a little on the high side. I just hope I don't have gestational diabetes. Has anyone else ever had this in previous pregnancies or known anyone to have it? I've been feeling great minus a few new aches and pains! If you don't have one - I highly recommend the snoogle pillow. It's helped me sleep more comfortably and has also helped with hip/back pain. I hope all is well! Let me know what's going on with you!


tritty - May 13

It's so good to reunite again, isn't it :) Lyndsay- So glad to hear that you were able to get your rash cleared up. I bet that was just miserable! I also had a doc appt yesterday and had to do my glucose test. I'm hoping I DON'T get a phone call today. I had to take an early one (since I'm overweight) and that was fine so I'm hoping the same for this one. I've heard a lot of people may fail the 1 hour and then pa__s the 3 hour with flying colors. So i'm hoping that will be the case for you! celine- good to know all is well with you too. i keep tabs on you a bit on facebook :) so at my appointment yesterday i was measuring pretty big. I'm 29 weeks and i was measuring at 32. so.... i have to go back in 2 weeks (i can't believe the 2 week appts have started already!) and have another ultrasound (which i'm not complaining about) just to make sure that she isn't too big. i had this same issue with kate. they kept telling me she was going to be a huge 10 pound baby because i was measuring so big and i gave birth to a whopping 6 lb 9oz baby. lol! so i'm not really worried about it this time. i figure that's just how my body carries babies. my b___bs have started leaking too. i don't think i ever told you guys (it's a little tmi) but i've had my nipples pierced. i was hoping to leave them in and just take them out when i nursed. well, the more i've been thinking about it i just think it'd be such a pain in the b___t to have to take them out and put them back in every time i nurse. nursing is hard enough in and of itself. So anyhow, i've been having dreams about nursing my baby when she's born and i got that tingling feeling like my milk is coming in (if this is your first you'll soon know what i'm talking about) and my nipples have been bigger and my nipple rings were getting tight. so i talked to my hubby and he said he's fine with the change and just go ahead and take them out. so i did and now all the sudden i'm leaking colostrum. oh the joys..... i was a milk truck with my DD and i'm a__suming i'm not going to have a supply problem this time either, especially if i'm already leaking. lol! i think that's it in my world. This little one is still breech so I may end up having c-section if she doesn't flip. they said they'll check again around 36-38 weeks and if no change at that point she probably won't flip. ALSO..... i'm having such a hard time with a name! From the beginning this little girl has been baby Audrey. I love that name but recently I've fallen in love with Charleigh (Charlie) and I can't decide what to do. It'll either be Audrey Madeline or Charleigh Madeline. Opinions please! I NEED HELP DECIDING! It's hard because Kate already calls her Audrey but I'm sure she'd adjust quickly if we changed the name. I'm just lost..... anyhow, i'm going on and on. Talk to you ladies again soon.


c2beaudoin - May 14

Kristen, I am with you on the b___b leaking, they started when I was like 14-16 weeks and it's only been increasing. It mostly happens at night and while I'm sleeping, sometimes we'll be eating supper and my husband will look at me and say you're b___bs are leaking lol. He thinks it's cool! Of course! Ironically it's only my left side that leaks which is the smaller one of the two lol, go figure! But my mom keeps telling me it just means I won't have problems with letdown. Which is a good thing because I am planning on Breastfeeding. I love the middle name Madeline by the way, if we have a girl that's the name we have picked :) and for a boy we have Sebastien. I'd go with your first choice but I've been told that once you see your little one sometimes a name just pops up. Thats' what happened with me, my parents had three names they liked and none were celine, and then my dad saw me and said let's call her Celine out of the blue. 27 weeks today! Wow it's coming quick, but I'm so excited!!! I have a prenatal appointment next week and hopefully I'll find out if the baby is breach, hopefully all is good at this stage.


Rosiemama - May 14

Well I'm 27 weeks tomorrow, and confused about whether or not that's the start of the 3rd trimester? My books say it starts at 28 weeks but maybe they're talking about being 'in the 28th week'. Not that it really matters... I had my last monthly appointment yesterday with the sugar test and now I'm on the every-two-weeks schedule, so I'm just going to call it my third trimester. Not much is new with me - no b___b leakage, no braxton hicks, no nothin'. My baby kicks a heck of a lot - I can feel her most of the time. I've put on 15 lbs which is good for me, as I'm on the tall/large-framed side, and I seem to be carrying kind of low in general. My biggest complaint has been lack of sleep (though my doctor recommended gravol, which has been a godsend) and a sore back/tailbone, which the doc says means my pelvis has already started to loosen a bit. Fun times. As for names, we keep going back and forth and back and forth. We liked Eva for the longest time (my hubby has a german last name, so it has to 'go' and Eva sounds terrific) but recently we have started to favour Nora. Olivia's another one I like but there are a lot of Olivias around these days. Anyway, I'm happy to be in the home stretch. My brain has disengaged from work and I'm finding it hard to concentrate on anything else.


zookeeper - May 14

Hi ladies, can I join you? I am due in August. What are all of your due dates? Mine is August 28th. I already have 3 kiddos....2 girls and a boy. Nice to meet you! Brandi


c2beaudoin - May 14

Of course you can join! I'm due August 13th and I can't wait! Do you know what you're having.


zookeeper - May 15

Yep we are having another girl! Is this your first? Do you know what you are having?


c2beaudoin - May 15

Yes this is our first, but we decided to keep a surprise so we have no clue lol. But we're happy with a boy or a girl they both have their qualities. Everyone likes to speculate though, one day it's a boy because of the way I'm carrying, one day it's a girl because of the way I'm carrying lol everyone likes to guess, it's funny listening to all of it. But so far the pregnancy has been great. Everyone keeps telling me to wait until the real heat gets here lol.


tritty - May 15

It's good to see our board is active again :) I get the e-mails whenever there is a response but I'm not always able to get right back on. Anyhow.... I'm glad I'm not alone in the b___b leaking world. LOL! My sister said, " well, looks like you'll be a milk truck again this time too. you should sell your milk on ebay." HAHAHA! I would never but I thought that was funny. Glad everyone else seems to be doing well. I just had this revelation that this will be the board that we all are able to tell our birth stories on. aww! i'm really starting to get excited about having this child. i mean, i've been excited all along but i try not to think about it too much because then i feel like time goes so slowly. well, now i'm ready to meet my little girl! welcome to our group brandi. the more the merrier. this is my second and i'm also having a girl. they're so much fun, aren't they? anyhow, not much else is new. just wanted to pop in and say hello. we are going to have a 3D ultrasound done in about a week and a half. I'm so excited to see this little one. We did a 3D with my DD and it's amazing how it really captures what they look like. it was special for us so we want to do it again this time! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


zookeeper - May 15

c2beaudoin - I admire your strength : ) I don't like surprises and am a very impatient person...haha so we could never wait that long to find out. tritty, I love my girls...I love my son too, but he can be a handful at times....I just don't understand his thought process like I do the girls, LOL. I am flying to Chicago tomorrow for a work related training :( I am not really looking forward to it, but things like that make time fly by much quicker. I feel like I have kept myself a lot busier this pregnancy than the others...probably because the other 3 kids keep me so busy on top of work and everything else! Enjoy the weekend!


tritty - May 17

I totally understand keeping busy and I only have 1 other one to look after! With my first pregnancy I was so into every little detail and now I can barely remember how far along I am. I also haven't even taken one pregnancy picture :( It's just not as much of a focus for me which has helped the time fly by. We will finally start setting up the nursery this week. We only have 1 day a week that we don't work (on my day off my hubby works and on his day off i work) so we don't ever get a lot done at once. but this week we both get a day off together. woo hoo! and we are going to paint the nursery and get things going. i'm very excited. i moved my DD into a twin bed so the crib can be set up for baby again. I think setting things up and getting out the clothes and stuff will really help make this all so much more real. I'm really starting to struggle with sleeping at night. it's not comfy at all. ugh. but i can deal with that. soon enough i won't be sleeping at all so i might as well get used to it now. how was everyones weekend?


zookeeper - May 17

I remember those days with the first. I used impatiently wait until I could read the next chapter in "What to Expect When Expecting" I think I have opened that up once...just to double check that I was really in the second trimester, lol. My husband and I also don't have any time together really...and accomplishing things has been extra slow this time around. He works nights and his nights off fall on the days that I work and my days off fall on the nights he works. We built/finished off a room in the bas____nt to move our oldest into and then moved the other two around upstairs so that the baby would have the smallest room and my son would have the room with the blue carpet rather than the pink carpet : ) haha it's all about detail you know! As we were doing that I shampooed the rugs & washed walls & fans etc. So it was slow moving. So now the crib needs to be set up in the nursery, we need to get a new dresser for my current youngest so we can put her dresser in the baby's room. In addition, when we moved Tabby downstairs, we pushed everything into our bedroom (also downstairs) or into the 1/4 of the bas____nt that is now unfinished. So we are trying to find ways to store everything so that you can actually get from point A to point B in both rooms. I feel like August is going to be here before I am ready! Wow...I didn't mean to write a book! I am at training by myself and am bored out of my mind. Maybe I will go find the fitness room to pa__s the time. Hope everyone else enjoyed their weekend. Brandi


c2beaudoin - May 20

I had a prenatal appointment yesterday and everything is looking great. I'm measuring at 29 inches and the baby is positioned with it's head down, it's always kicking me at the top right side lol. The heartbeat is strong and steady at about 120-130 bpm. Having appointments every two weeks makes it go by even faster lol. I can't believe we're almost there so so excited, my shower is in two weeks I'm pretty excited for that too. My best friend is a photographer and she's going to take pregger pics of us which will be fun, I'm thinking we might even do some boudoir ones lol but I haven't decided that yet. I'm feeling great, no symptoms besides my persistent acne but I've learned to deal with it at this point. Hope you're all doing great!


fismama - May 20

Hey ladies I didnt write much in the August babies or really the sept babies just been busy and getting through that days!! I am doing really well we found out about a month ago that Fiona is going to have a baby sister and she is excited about it(as excited as a 1 1/2 year old can be) she touches my belly and says baby!! Very cute!! I think the reason why I haven't written much is because I have just been having a hard time this pregnancy..I don't know if it's just because it's not my first, but I am just not that in to it this time and I feel bad..Like I am not going to like her. It's very weird. I am not yet in the 3rd tri but I will be soon I will be 25 weeks tomorrow and I only have one more monthly appointment yet and thats really weird to me..I only did two weekly's last time and one weekly and then she was almost takes my breath away! The weather here in Nevada has been STUPID!!! It's MAY right not February, because it is super nice one day and then freezing cold the next mother nature is either being very nice or very cruel. Celine~ the more I think about you waiting it amazes me.I am not sure how your doing it with everyone telling you what they think but it has to be easier then you cant think well maybe it not a girl..I hates know what I was having and people still said oh you look like it's boy..drove me crazy!! I have a feeling that the August babies may all be boys, except for a couple..I know a couple more people who are prego and do in september and they are having boys so I am sure I will deliver early!! lol well I hope that everyone has a good Friday!!


angelhdfd - May 25

Hello my name is Angel I am pregnant with my second child. I'm 28 weeks now. And man has this pregnancy been difficult... not that the first one wasn't lol. Went to the doctor yesterday I've had extremem pain in my pelvic for about a week now. She did all these tests and even had to have an internal ultrasound to check my cervix.... I guess (after a week of pain) they have figured out what the problem is; my cervix has opened a little bit not much but I have a bacterial infection which is probably spreading since the cervix opened up. Still makes me nervous my daughter who is twenty months old now... was born prematurely it was aweful she tried to come when I reached the 33 weeks mark; but that's another story. I hope this pain goes away soon!!! How is everyone else doing???



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