16 Month Old And Speaking

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jessb - June 5

About 3 months ago my dd used to say mama, dada, and nye-nye (for night night). Now she wont say ANYTHING! The doctor was not happy at her 15 month appt and said that she should be using at least 2-3 words. She points to what she wants and says "ugh". We try and try to repeat words but she will not even try to say them. She understands everything we say and i know it is not her hearing. What can I do to get her to start saying words? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


chickiepoo9 - June 5

my son is two years old and can say quite a few words if you ask him but doesnt often talk by choice but he understands and is able to say them as your daughter is and everything is just fine with him i say as long as she understands what you are saying dont stress about every kid talks at there own pace


CyndiG - June 5

I agree with chickiepoo. If you know it's not her hearing, then I wouldn't worry. She'll talk eventually. I doubt she'll point and grunt at her college professor. LOL! Sometimes I think peds get a little overzealous about things that aren't big deals, and too underzealous about important ones. :O}


chickiepoo9 - June 5

i agree they make you feel so bad sometimes like when my son was 18 mo old they said he should be saying 25 words yeah right! if you put 100 18mo in a room i doubt half of them would say that much but it stressed my DH out so bad he thought something was wrong with our son


cendres - June 6

I don't think it is anything to worry about! 16 months is still really young. Kids often say words then stop for a few months and then start saying them again. I remember at 6 months Tristan said mama.. then he never said another word until he was over 12 months! Now he is 20 months and only says a few words. If you ask him to say something he won't. But, he does understand everything and obeys simple commands (lol sounds like a dog!).


Kathryn - June 6

Have you tried sign language for communication. I didn't think it would work with my son but, it really does. Make up your own signs. For bites, we put a flat hand to our mouth. For drink, he would point to his cheek. I would always repeat the words as he would make the sign. My son turned two in May and he is talking in sentences. I'm not sure if it's because he learned how to communicate at an early age or what. Another thing I did was to constantly talk to him. Not in baby talk though. Hope this helps.


Kathryn - June 6

Another thought. I started the sign language when he was about 12-15 months.


rl- - June 6

Hey don't feel bad my ds is almost 17months and he does not say much he can say mamma,dadda,bubba,baba,yum,and dog but he hardly ever says anything LOL I know his hearing is fine he just is not much of a talker he understands things and I know he knows what we are saying he just does not want to talk and I have worried over it but he will do it when he is ready and I just have to wait I am sure one day he is gonna start talking and I am gonna wish he was still quiet LOL!!


jas - June 6

Doctors really know how to make you feel bad... I think it's part of their job. Ignore it as best as you can. My 14 month old dosn't say anything and never has... He says "da-da" but that is for everything. He points and grunts, but nothing in the way of words. I wouldn't worry. your dd will talk when she is ready and no amount of coaxing will change it. Remember - Einstein was 2 when he first started talking....


bbelmore - June 6

I don't know...I think every child goes at his or her own pace. Like James...he was doing everything early...crawling, cruising...then it took him 4 months to learn to walk on his own after cruising...as for talking, he is 14 months and can say only a couple words, and even then he only says two consistently, Mama, and Clock. He says Milk very well, but only when he really wants milk, and cat, but I think he is normal to a T! Give them time, I think they choose not to talk as we do, they are conscious and deliberate. If they never make an effort, then it's time to worry.


Topaz - June 6

I wouldn't worry. My dd is 16 months old and up until a few weeks ago she only knew 3 words and only said mama consistently. It was one of the questions I asked my ped. at her 15 month appt. She said she was right on track and that some her age didn't speak much at all and others knew many more words. In the past couple of weeks she added banana, bad dog, uh oh, and ew ah ( the sound a donkey makes) to her vocabulary. Amazing, and to think a month ago I was concerned about her only knowing 3. Don't worry it will come. Don't worry about what the doctor says either. If she can say those 3 words, she knows 3 words. They will become more consistent.


jessb - June 6

Thank you all, I feel much better, my husband and I have been really stressing over this and hara__sing my daughter to start speaking! LOL, CyndiG at the thought of her pointing and grunting at her professor :o) My mom got mad when i told her what the doc said too. She said the same thing,that every child goes at their own pace. My daughter is so smart. She copies everything I do, and understand whatever we tell her to do b/c she does it after we tell her. Oh well, Im sure in a few months she will start talking more. Thanks again everyone!


Skyeblue - June 8

Shame on your stupid doctor! Language development is not only SPEAKING it is also listening and comprehension! I would not worry at all. My daughter didn't say much until she turned 2, now 4 months later she is already putting sentences together in 3 languages! I speak English with her, my dh Swedish and she is in a German daycare. I can a__sure you at 16 months she didn't even say mama or papa. Some babies walk at 9 months others at 18 months, all fall in the range of normal.


joeysmom - June 9

My son is 17 months old and he says a lot of different words he can pretty much tell us what he wants and stuff like that but he will stop saying certain things and start saying new things. For example, he used to "what's that?" ALL the time and now he doesn't say it at all he kind of says it but it's not as clear as it used to be. I think it's just a normal thing. They are learning new things everyday and I think it just takes time. My nephew didn't say anything and when he turned 26 months he started talking loud and clear. He could have talked before he just didn't want to.


jessb - June 10

Ha! That little stinker starting saying mama, dada, and nye nye this weekend. Those are the same 3 words she was saying before!!!! She still wont say them when you ask her too, just randomly if you walk out of a room or something she will burst out with mama or dada. But hey, Ill take what i can get!!! Im relieved she started being more verbal. It was weird she was so non verbal for the past few months but she was learning all this other stuff (like how to swim). Weird...anyway i guess its true babies just talk at their own pace. Her cousin who is the same age sames all kinds of stuff.


jessb - June 10

*says all kinds of stuff*



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