July 07 Momma S Where Did Everyone Go

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L1NDZ - September 6

Hey Ladies!! Hope you all remember me???? It's sure been a while! I think I was JUST preggo the last time I posted! Sorry....Well we had a little girl on April 3rd! Alyssa Emily Paige, 6lbs 14oz. Ashton is now 2 & Alyssa is now 5months. Congrats MNMom you are due in Oct right? How's everyone's toddlers? Testing your patience like mine loves to do? Ashton is talking like crazy!!He comes out with words we didn't even know he knew!! His newest sentence now is "What Happen?" and he says it for everything!!! LOL!! He also loves his little sister & is great at making her laugh! We are trying out potty training now...but one day is different from the next with him. Some days he's great at being a "big boy" other days...not so much...but he may not be completely ready yet. As for me...I "think" we are done? I am super happy w/my two..but am a bit sad that I will never be preggo again. Alyssa is a dream baby! She sleeps 12-16 hours at night...only cries when she wants something...such a dream! So I know if I have another...I'll get the colicky baby! Just Karma...ya know? Congrats Jodie on the big decision!!! I'm sure it won't take you long. Jeni ~ sounds like you are done...How is it with 4? Gabrial must be 6 months now right? Is he on solids now? We just started Alyssa on cereal..but I don't think she is quite ready yet..so may revisit it later. Anyways...just thought I'd check in and see how you all are doing! Hope you are all well! I will check in again....I promise!!! Havea great Labor Day!!


L1NDZ - September 6

Tina ~ sorry about your loss. (I just finished reading the posts) Gloria ~ I dont' know you, but hope all is well and will remain well during your pregnancy! (p.s. I'm a cardiology nurse)


jodie - September 6

Hi L1NDZ! I knew you would come back some day..lol! I was always checking the different trimester sites to see if you still existed..lol! Congrats on your little girl! Sounds like things are going great! I totally felt like you when Kallie was that age..I was sooo done with my 2 kiddos! So we gave most our baby stuff away..and now we are going for #3..lol. I also loved being pregnant and I guess I just wanted to have one last go at it all. I'm sure we will be done with 3 though. We are doing the potty training with Kallie too and she has her days where she is all about it and other days where she would rather pee on the floor. She is my fiesty child..she back talks and is super sa__sy..lol. It's so hard not to laugh when I'm trying to dicipline her. Anyways, glad you are doing good! Deffinately keep up with us!


jeni23 - September 7

Hey ladys,its great having 4,Gabriel is 71/2 months now,and groeing like a weed,things are better now and everyday is amazing,hope you all are well,have a great labor day.


littlekmom - September 8

L1NDZ, good to hear from you again. I'll have my second in November (less than two months--yea!). We'll be done at 2. K is fun but wears me out, and I'm ready for a nap too every time she takes one. She moved into a big girl bed when we moved about a month ago, and I think she gets up and plays randomly and doesn't sleep as much as she should.


dreamy2433 - September 16

I dont belong on this birthboard but wanted to say congrats to all the new pregnancys. I have the baby bug really bad too! But Dh says no right now. Anyways since I have been mia from this site I noticed all the birthboards are slowing down. Must be everyone starting the school years. I am a member of another board I frequent much more than here. So if anyone wants to check it out they can. Chatterscene dot com. Off to look for the familiar peeps I used to see on here all the time


mshanson - October 9

My little one, is not so little now. Turned 2 July 24th, and he's a typical boy toddler: loud, rambunctious and full of fun loving trouble! Doing really well developmentally. And he's going to be a big brother, we just found out we're expecting our second little one in June, so they'll be about 7 weeks shy of 3 years apart.


jodie - October 15

Hey ladies! Just wanted to let everyone know that I got a BFP the other day, so operation baby #3 is well on it's way..lol!


littlekmom - October 16

Excellent, Jodie, and congrats! Does anyone know if MNMom has given birth? I think she's due sometime in October. I've got about 2.5 weeks left until I do! Yikes! Another July Mommy had a baby about a month ago, but I don't remember her name (I follow her blog).


TinaSos - October 16

Congrats Jodie!


MNMOM - October 16

Hi Girls!!!! TinaSOS: How are you doing?? I have been thinking about you so much lately. Jodie - have you caved in and told your DH yet?? I know you said you wanted to wait until his birthday...man, you are stronger than me if you can wait to tell him!! :) I am still here....still waiting for this baby to want to arrive! OUr new hospital opened today so I am thrilled I made it this far. I am 38 weeks 2 days today. Both of my boys arrived on this day of my last 2 pregnancies. I'm thinking this is a stubborn girl that will make me wait! Ha! Anyway, that is it from me, I am not sleeping well.....so am sooooo ready to have this baby! I will post as soon as I have more news....


TinaSos - October 16

MNMOM I'm doing ok. Praying to getting Preggo again! I hope you have your little one soon!


MNMOM - October 20

Hi girls, I am 38w6d today and still no baby. I am cranky!


MNMOM - October 26

Hi mommies....just a quick post to tell you all that I have a new baby BOY! Graham Robert arrived on October 22, weighted 7 lbs 12 oz and was 21" long. Labor was ok, the pushing/delivery part was hell...more on that later, but we are healthy and happy and doing great!


littlekmom - October 26

Congrats, MNMom, and welcome to Graham! Were you surprised for another boy? I think it's great to have three of the same--they'll be such great friends!


MNMOM - October 29

Thanks littlekmom! Yes we were really really shocked to have another boy! Probably we shouldn't have been, but we were! We were so sure we were having another girl but we are thrilled to have another boy, it really works for us to have 3 boys :) Hope everyone here is well!



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