July 08 Mommy S Anyone Still Around

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Charlibabe - March 24

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is well. Our babies (well toddlers) are almost 3 years old! I can't believe how fast it has gone. My other kids (#2+#3) just turned One the other day!! I can't believe it still. It seems like yesterday Brooklynn was just born. Now Maddison and Mitch__l are ONE and Brooky will be THREE in a couple months! Hope you all are taking it better then me. On another note though I am having a HORRID time potty training. She still wont potty on the toilet. Small or big toilets. I tried buying her special panties, bribing her, being super nice about it...and by accident letting my frustration get the best of me. But still nothing is working. Any tricks? I really dont want her in a diaper anymore. I am going to start introducing the potty the twins once Maddison can walk (Mitch__l can already) Hopefully that will help. I dont know I am for sure at a loss. Whats new with everyone??


Mari26me - May 4

Hey!! It is been soo long since I have posted on here. Our daughter will be 3 this summer and our son will be 1 next month. I can hardly believe how fast the time goes by!! It does just feel like yesterday when my daughter was born. I remember coming to this site all the time!! Now, I barely have time to look at my computer!! lol Potty training was hard for me too. With our daughter, I tired so many times, she just didn't care. In January, I just got fed up and took the diapers away for good. I was not going too look back. I will admit we had alot of accidents, but they got less and less the more time pa__sed. I had to keep on her about peeing every hour. It took a good couple of months for her to go pee without be asking. Now, she has no accidents and no diapers!!! I think she just needed to be mentally ready on her own. BTW, she had been put on the potty since she was 8months old and was not fully potty rained until 2.5!! I am not sure any of this helps you, but it will come. Good luck!



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