Chances Of Twins Multiples

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Kim - May 8

In a woman who ovulates normally and who has no problem conceiving and carrying children to term, will taking Clomid 100mg days 2-6 increase her chances of twins/multiples. Does anyone have any statistics or know if her chance is significantly higher than 15-20%?


tee - May 9

from what i heard the chances are very high! Are you taking clomid? The only reason i ask is because I am a woman who ovulates regularly and was thinking about taking clomid so that i can have the joys of experiencing having twins! Are you in the same situation.


Amanda - May 25

I just spoke with my Doctor about taking clomid and she said the chances of multiples were less than 10%. I also ovulate normally and have a child. My question was will the % rate be higher if twins run in the family?


Kim - May 25

Yes, I'm taking clomid unprescribed to increase my chances for twins. I'll let you know if it works. Keep me updated if you're doing the same.


Amy - May 31

Why days 2-6? I also am getting ready to take clomid to increase chances of twins.


TO KIM - May 31

Where did you get your unprescribed clomid??


Kim - June 1

Days 2-6 because the earlier in your cycle you take it, the more follies you produce...possibliltiy of all of them not being mature though. I got the clomid from Research it thoroughly and get to know your cycle if you're going to take it unprescribed and unmonitored. Be aware of all the risks and side effects so that you'll know when you need to see a doctor. Good luck and let me know how things work out. You can get alot of info @


tee - June 1

Kim thanks for the info! Let me know if you get pregnant with the twins! What are you going to do if it is more than two! wow!!!!!! THE POSSIBILITIES OF THAT!!!!!!


Amy - June 1

Kim- did you recieve your clomid yet from the site you told us about? I got on today to check it out, and was wondering if you ordered yours yet


To Amy - June 1

yes, i've ordered and received it. Kim


hey kim? - June 3

I was wondering how long it took for you clomid to srrive. The site says 10-14 days. I want to start it this cycle, but that might be pushing it as far as delivery time. By the way how is your trying going? Have you taken your clomid yet? You are the only other person I have come across that has the same plans as me!


Tracey - June 5

Women like you should be glad you can have children at all. I Myself have been tring a year and have to go on Clomid. I really wish I didn't have a problem. If it isn't broken don't fix it. You never know.


Lauren - June 7

Hi Kim & Amy - I too am starting clomid I too hope to have twins keep me posted on the success you both have. I was told to take it days 5-9 but does taking it 3-7 up your chances?


Amy - June 7

Hi girls I started Clomid today (day 2) My doc said he like to give it 2-6. So we will see what happens. Let me know how your guys symptoms go? Kim when did you take your clomid?


Lauren - June 8

Hi Amy - are you on it days 2 - 6? Why is it they chg the dates to take it?


Amy - June 8

My doctor likes to have his patients take the clomid on these days. He didn't mention why though. Lauren, when do you start your clomid?


Kim - June 8

Hi girls. I'm going to test this weekend. AF is due tomorrow and I am having pregnancy symptoms. My biggest symptoms have been high temps, backache, headaches, and AF type cramps. My temp this morning was 99.5! My b___sts aren't really sore (just some sharp twinges)but that doesn't usually happen until my 6th week. Today is CD 27 (I have a 27-29 day cycle). I also got headaches early in my pregnancy. This is my second month on Clomid days 3-7. My first cycle was CD 2-6. Clomid really dried up my cervical mucous both cycles (clomid side effect). I used raw eggwhites as a lubricant during BD, I took Mucinex to thin my cervical mucous, I took a baby asprin every day, and I lost 8 pounds. Eggwhites are sperm-friendly and helps the spermies get to their intended target...the egg(s). You can also use Pre-Seed. Many other lubricants can kill sperm. You can also take plain Guafennisen or Robitussin but Mucinex has 600mg of Guafennisen and Robitussin only has 100mg. It really helped alot this cycle. Clomid can dry up your mucous and make the little you have hostile. The baby asprin helps the uterine lining more conducive to egg implantation. Unfortunately, I've read that some women have these pregnancy symptoms and not be pregnant, but I didn't have these symptoms the last cycle and my temp was 97.4 CD27. BTW, if you do use eggwhites, be careful not to get any of the yolk mixed in (that's where the bacteria is. Don't use an egg that has been sitting out too long). Technically, I can test now with the early pg tests but I'd rather wait until I'm a day or two late. Let's hope it worked!! I'll keep you posted. I already have an appointment with my OB/Gyn on the 23rd. If I'm pg, I should be about 6weeks along by then and I'll talk her into doing an u/s.



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