When Do I Start Clomid

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oliveme - January 30

Today at the doctors I recieved a prescription for provera -to bring on a period, metformin, and clomid. However I am confused when to start the clomid. He say to take it on days 5-9 of my cycle. I figured that was 5 days AFTER my period. But when I went to see the nurse she told me that I needed to take a blood test on day 25 to see if I am ovulating. She told me it was 25 days after the HEAVIEST day of my period. Now I am confused.... I would like to also increase my chances of twins. I am 34 and have been TTC to almost 5 years. My husband and I want a house full of children!


Tenk - January 30

Um your nurse is crazy. I'm sorry. You take it from days 5-9 of the 1st day of your flow. And you day 21 progestrone test to see if your O'ing should be 7 days AFTER you think you O'd not on day 25 specifically. I would use OPK's if i were you to find out for sure when I O and would make the appointment for 7 days after that. I hope this helps. Oh if you want to increase your chances of twins.....take the clomid earlier instead of days 5-9. I take mine 3-7.


Shelley50707 - January 30

I was wondering the same thing..........my doctor gave me a prescription but didn't exactly tell me when to start. I have my period twice a month. First time for like 5/6 days and then a week later again for like 5/6. He seems to have no reason why my periods are like this and have been for the past 3/4 months. When someone please advise how I should be taking this or when I should start. All he said was day 1-5


oliveme - January 30

ok, So I would strt the clomid on day 5 even if I am still on my period? (That might be why it didn't work for me last year...I took it 5 days after my period!) so the progestront test is 7 days AFTER I have ovulated? (if I have ovulated) I thought It was supposed to tell me if I am o'ing or not at the time. But I will take your advice and use OPK's to find out for sure. and take the clomid on days 3-7. I will be seeing my Dr a week after my blood test. So confusing...


mamaof3 - January 31

Hi~ I actually took 50mg of clomid on CD 1-3. CD 1 is your 1st day of normal flow.I didn't take the last two because I was getting blurred vision. I started using OPK's on CD 10. I usually ovulate on cd13/14 but the clomid made me ovulate on cd16, I was also bd'g every other day from cd10 using preseed and mucinex. After I ovulated I started the 81mg of Aspirin per day. And I found out I was pregnant 10DPO...FIRST MONTH TRYING!


Frances - January 31

I took mine days 3-7. You count the first day of your af as day 1. You should take your Clomid even if you are still menstruating, this actually makes no difference at all. If you were told to take days 5-9 then I would take it cycle days 5-9. Good luck!


mbostick25 - February 25

okay well my cycle only last three days so when should I start the clomid?


LauraEssary - February 27

mbostick25: that depends on when your going to take it, days 2-6, 3-7, 5-9 are all common days to take clomid. The length of your mensus (bleeding) doesnt matter. The first day you bleed (or even spot) is the first day of your cycle. So for example if you choose the 3-7 day plan then you would wait until the 3rd day after the first day of your period. Then you would start taking the pills and quit on the 7th day.


stacey5 - March 4

I was also taking clomid, provera and metformin. I am still on metformin until my 12th week of pregnancy. The metformin is suppose to really decrease your chances of a miscarriage too. When I took clomid I was told to take it days 2-6, once the provera made my period come, so hearing days 5-9 is rather different. Will your period really last 9 days you think? That is a long time if you ask me. I would call the doc back and have him or her go step by step with what they expect you to do.


freebird - March 4

Stacey5, They're talking cycle days, not days of your period. Day 1 of your cycle is the first day of your period. Day 5 is 5 days after the start of your period, so depending on when the doc tells you to take the clomid and how long your period is, you may or may not still be bleeding when you take it. I agree that if you are unclear on when to take it you should call your doctor and have them tell you exactly what to do. Ask to have the doctor call you back too, rather than talking to the nurse.


CLOMID USER - August 29



lila21 - December 28

i have pcos, me and my husband have been TTC for about a year im on my second round of clomid with provera and metaformin. my periods are usally heavy the first 3 days then the last 4 days are very light . on my first round of clomid i did not get pregnant . im worried that this month ill only have my period for maybe 4-5 days and i  usually  start clomid on the 3rd day of flow. if i stop my period before the last clomid can i still keep taking it ? im just worried it wont work! 


JeanJd - February 20

I got 50mg of Clomid that i took for one course on cd3-7 and i immediately became pregnant! My insurance didn't cover Clomid. So I got it online (thanks google). My sister gave me the code * CLO24PRG * and she said - just Google it ***



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