In order to support your pregnancy, your body increases the amount of progesterone and estrogen in your bloodstream. As a result, you may feel the need to be with your partner more than usual. This increase in hormones has a number of physical effects on your body, which can often make sexual intercourse much more enjoyable than usual. These changes include:


  • increased vaginal lubrication
  • increased sensitivity of the breasts and nipples
  • increased blood flow to the pelvic area


Some women also report that they feel sexier during pregnancy. Those added curves around your hips, breasts, and stomach can contribute to an increase in your sex drive.

Stalled in the Driveway
If you are just not into sex as much as you used to be, rest assured, this is totally normal too. While some women experience an increase in sex drive, many also experience a very low libido. During the first trimester, pregnancy symptoms, like morning sickness and fatigue, may put a damper on your sex drive. You may also find that preparing for baby’s arrival is enough to focus on for the time being. Other factors that can cause a decreased libido include:


  • Body Image Issues:
  • Many pregnant women have a hard time dealing with the physical changes that come along with pregnancy. Added weight gain and changing body shape may make sexual intercourse awkward or difficult for some women.
  • Worries About Baby: Many women worry for the safety of their baby during sexual intercourse. This can sometimes affect sex drive.


When do Sex Drive Changes Occur?
Changes in sex drive vary from woman-to-woman and from pregnancy-to-pregnancy. You may find that your sex drive changes as often as every week, or as little as every trimester.

Typically, sex drive tends to be lower during the first trimester. This is because most pregnancy symptoms occur during the first trimester and you may feel too tired or physically unwell to be interested in sex. During the second trimester, sex drive typically increases, as you experience renewed energy and some relief from that morning sickness. Throughout the third trimester your sex drive may drop again as your belly becomes larger and you prepare for birth.


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