Cellulite and lifestyle

Since what you eat and your level of fitness are the main reasons behind cellulite, follow a balanced diet and do exercise to get rid of cellulite. Both aerobic and strength training exercises are good ‘cellulite treatments.’

While following a healthy lifestyle is always a good idea, when you are pregnant it is more necessary than ever. Not only will you reduce your cellulite, but you will also be ensuring the health of your baby. And let’s face it, that really is more important than a few unsightly lumps on your thighs.

But let’s say you already follow a healthy diet (most of the time) and exercise at least three times a week, yet that cellulite is still there. What other options do you have?

The Anti-Cellulite

There are many potions and lotions, gadgets and gizmos out there that claim that getting rid of cellulite is as easy as using their product. Hmmm…sounds a little suspicious, doesn’t it? Well, that depends on what you’re using and what sort of effect you’re going for.

Cellulite cream is the most common choice for everyday regular women. This is an affordable solution that can help temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite. Usually made with a variety of fancy sounding ingredients, like herbal extracts and liposomes, a cellulite lotion is more likely to reduce the appearance of cellulite because of the massaging action required to apply it.

Through massage, you are able to increase your circulation. And if cellulite is caused by poor circulation, as the spas claim, then giving your "trouble areas" a twice-daily massage will help to get that blood flowing.

Of course, you could always book yourself in for a pregnancy massage and treat not only your cellulite but also your aching muscles and tired feet. 


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