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As far as permanent cellulite reduction solutions go, liposuction may be the closest you can get to permanent.

However, this is costly and definitely not an option for everyone. Plus, the results can be varied and could cause the surface of your skin to look uneven. Not to mention the fact that there may be some permanent scarring. Ouch!

Perhaps this is not the best cellulite removal idea.


e shoes

The latest in cellulite treatment is cellulite shoes. Touted to not only help reduce cellulite but also to improve your posture and alignment, increase your muscle strength and improve your circulation, the cellulite sneaker seems to do it all.

Seen on the feet of many celebrities and models, these running shoes are designed such that the middle of the shoe is thicker and higher than the rest of the shoe.

This means that your legs have to work harder with every step. At $230 a pair, it’s definitely cheaper than liposuction but if you are not inspired to go for long walks wearing your sneakers, you may not see too many results.

When you want to lose cellulite, creams, massages and fancy shoes may help you feel good, but only following a healthy lifestyle, eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly will help keep that dimpled demon at bay.


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