Rekindling the Romance Continued...

Breast Milk
Toward the end of pregnancy and until she finishes breastfeeding, your wife’s breasts may be leaking as she approaches orgasm. This happens because of the hormones raging through her post-pregnancy body. For some men, milk spurting during sex can be a huge turn off. There are however solutions.

  • During sex, your wife can keep her bra on; wearing breast shells or pads will absorb the leakage.
  • Get intimate after your wife has finished breastfeeding; this means won’t be as heavy.

Maybe you find your wife spurting milk to be a turn on. If this is the case, pitch your thoughts to your wife. Remember to be careful because it’s fairly easy for bacteria to enter her breast and cause harm to your little one.

Sex and a Crying Baby
It seems like every time you and your wife start thinking about sex, your baby starts crying. It’s time to drop off the baby for a few hours with a relative.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Rekindling the Romance


  • arrange for a romantic getaway
  • Take baby responsibility so that your wife can relax
  • Make her feel beautiful; she may not know she’s attractive right now
  • Spoil her with little gifts


  • Complain
  • Beg
  • Compare her body to what it used to look like
  • Expect her to give you what you want all the time

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