Rekindling the Romance

Trying to rekindle the romance after pregnancy is often difficult, maybe because your partner has a new focus in her life that requires constant attention and love. More importantly, your wife may simply not be feeling very sexy. That’s understandable. Having been at the birth, I’m sure you can understand too; having something the size of a cantaloupe pass through her vagina, an episiotomy, stretch marks and pregnancy pounds will make any woman feel uncomfortable with having sex.

How Long Until We Can Have Sex?
There are no hard and fast rules to this question, although most doctors recommend waiting for at least six weeks after birth before having sex again. However, it really only comes down to one person, your partner. Your partner will let you know when she is ready. Until then, you can talk to her about her feelings concerning intercourse.

Make a Move
No, we’re not talking about those old moves you used to pull, the ones that got you into this predicament in the first place. We’re talking about rekindling the romance. Before a woman is physically capable of sexual relations, she needs to feel up for it mentally. Romance her like you used to; treat her to dinners; bring home little gifts; help her with her errands; talk during your late night stroll in the park. Without making her feel loved and special, those old tricks you used to try won’t get you anywhere. In fact some may get you even further away from getting lucky.

Sex Appeal
Your partner may feel as though she’s lost her sex appeal. It can be hard to feel sexy after pregnancy, especially when you have baby vomit on your shoulder. Try to make some time for you and your partner to get out and about for a little exercise, even if it’s only a walk. It’s good to get time together and it might help her feel better about her body.


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