Quick Tips For New Fathers

Speak to Those Who Know
Ask hospital staff, pediatricians and anyone who has had a baby before how to change a diaper, bathe and burp your baby. The idea is to exhaust all information sources. The more research you do and questions you ask, the better you’ll be prepared.

Go With Your Instincts
Trust your instincts. Your natural instincts will tell you what to do and how to do it. You may even surprise yourself at how easily you will adapt to your new baby.

Practicing the Art of Parenthood What nature didn’t bestow on you, you can gain from practice! That is, after all, how your partner learned to be a mother. Roll up your sleeves and learn by mistake (perhaps under the supervision of your wife).

Be Patient and Positive
Rome wasn't built in a day. Be patient, but positive, especially with your wife. After all, she's just carried your baby around for nine months, and has just been through an experience of pain and emotions that words will never be able to fully describe.

Don't Be Bullied
Don't let people push you around or should I say push you away from your baby. Men tend to do things differently from women when it comes to changing diapers or bathing, but it is your little way. If it is a problem, then talk to your partner about it. But don't let your partner push you away from your baby.

Make Eye Contact
Babies love to stare into your eyes, and I'm sure you will love to just sit there and stare into his beautiful little eyes.

Enjoy It
Fatherhood is something to be enjoyed, so go ahead and have fun; enjoy all your baby’s little quirks. Start your resolution on day one, because enjoying parenthood isn’t something you can put off and make up for at a later stage. This is the perfect time to start bonding with your baby

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