An Expectant Father's Dreams: Anticipating Fatherhood


Just as a mother to be anticipates the birth of her child, so does the father to be. Many expectant fathers dream of finding babies or having babies given to them, sometimes accompanied by elaborate ceremonies or rites. This is especially common during the third trimester when the birth of the child becomes ever more imminent.


These dreams may have joyous expectant tones, or they may be filled with confusion and worry over the dream baby. The tone of the dream generally reflects the way the man is feeling about his soon-to-be-born-child and his relationship with it.


Dreams in which the expectant father is confused or worried may reflect his anxiety about how he will be as a father, how he will relate to the baby, or how this new role may fit with his other roles.


Dreams where the expectant father is joyful and excited reflect his happy anticipation for the new baby.


Whether they are good or bad, an expectant father can share his dreams with his partner to resolve emotional issues and worry and share in the expectation for the new baby.


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