For a lot of new dads, fatherhood can seem like an unfamiliar and challenging responsibility. But never fear! Quick Tips for New Dads and Being the Best Dad will help provide you with some guidance.

Think you know everything there is to being a dad? Ten Surprises for New Dads might teach you a thing or two that you never thought about. And what about stopping those tears when your baby starts to cry? Soothing your Crying Baby has some great hints on making your baby a happy one.

For those dads who are maybe thinking too much about the new baby, Ten Fears of New Dads and New Dads and Worry can help you see that all those doubts are normal.

You may be experiencing more than just emotional changes during your partner's pregnancy. Dads-to-be can experience physical changes as well, which are similar to pregnancy symptoms. This harmless condition is known as Couvade syndrome.

Moms tend to get the spotlight during pregnancy. But how about dads? Have a look at these great gifts for dad. Innovative, humorous and educational, now you can make dad feel important and get him prepared for fatherhood with one special gift! And it doesn't have to be Father's Day!

And what about when it's time for Baby to arrive? Dad's Hospital Bag is just as important as Mom's so be sure to pack everything you need. Also, here are some tips on being a good labor coach.

Bonding With Baby

Once the baby has arrived, new dads might feel left out because they aren’t bonding with the new child as easily as mom, especiallly if the mother is breastfeeding and the father doesn't get to participate in feeding the baby. Bonding with your Baby will give you some tips on how to connect with your child.

Dealing with a new baby and a job can be stressful for new fathers. Balancing Work and Family has valuable information on how to make juggling work and your home life easier. Rekindling Romance has some useful tidbits on how to enjoy sex after baby.

New dads will laugh and learn all at once when reading these excerpts from the new book Be Prepared. Read all about Moms and Mood Swings, learn how to buy a stroller in A Guy’s Guide to Strollers and get some tips on 

How to Entertain a Newborn. If you have a family pet, read Your Newborn and Your Pet. And new dads should be prepared to make way for baby; after the birth, your time will come for Bidding Farewell to the Breast.

As a dad to be, have you noticed and wacky dreams? Try interpreting your dreams or sharing them with your partner to uncover and explore your emotions, fears, and expectations. Many dreams of expectant fathers center on a main theme such as masculinity, exclusion, and anticipation of Baby.

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