Ten Surprises for New Dads!

It may be safe to say that fathers experience more surprises after the birth of their baby than their female counterparts. This may be because the reality has already hit the mother long ago. After all, she's been carrying the child for nine months and has been painfully aware of the physical and emotional changes commensurate with having a baby!

So what can a new father expect?

Just the Love
Your baby may be showing you a rude kind of love, but the intensity of love you have for your newborn may be unparalleled. After all, you created this little being and have been there from day one! Many fathers experience an all-consuming love they were never aware was possible.

Sleep? Why, I Never!
I'm sure you were expecting things to get a bit more frantic after the birth of your child, but you may not have realized the toll sleep deprivation takes on you. This can be especially difficult on the new father, as you are expected to quickly get back to work while your wife will have time off to sleep and spend with the newborn.

A Case of the Baby Blues
It is a well-known fact that many women experience post-partum depression. However, men often sink into a case of the baby blues after the birth too! Why? Your partner will be occupied with the new bundle of joy and you may feel left out. You'll also be expected to go back to work relatively quickly, and won't get that same new-dad attention you've been feeding off of lately. Don't worry, unlike women's baby blues, your depression isn't hormonally-based, so things should soon return back to "normal". And remember, expressing your feelings to your partner will help speed that recovery.

Engaging Topics of Conversation
Did you ever think you'd be talking about your newborn all the time with your friends? Well, you'll hear yourself conversing about episiotomies, breastfeeding, poopy diapers and all the other engrossing new issues you and your partner face. Don't worry, it's to be expected and I'm sure your friends will be charmed.

Interaction Between You and Your Baby
This may be your first and most intense experience with an individual who doesn't adhere to the rules of civility. Expect the newborn to cry most of its waking life. Don't be surprised if it fills its diaper right after you change it. But don't be offended by your baby's lack of decorum; count on its shameless impropriety and you two will have a wonderful relationship.

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