Interpreting an Expectant Father's Dreams

Dreams are not just sleep-time entertainment; they can also be windows into someone's emotional reality. While some dreams can be interpreted literally, many more act as symbols. If dreams looked at closely they can provide a wealth of information about the way a dreamer is feeling about his or her current circumstances.

With a baby on the way, it is no wonder expectant fathers tend to have vivid, memorable dreams. These types of dreams can provide a way for them to work out their emotions throughout the pregnancy. Dreams can also serve as an outlet for self-discovery where expectant fathers can try on their new role as father before the baby is born. Dreams can help bring questions of identity and responsibility to the surface where the dreamer can examine his joys and fears in an imaginative and symbolic way.

Sharing your dreams with your partner while you are expecting is a great way to build on intimacy and keep in touch about your feeling throughout your pregnancy. Dreams may bring feelings you never even knew you had to the surface, and talking about your dreams with your partner can provide a great springboard for exploring each other's common worries and expectations regarding the pregnancy and parenting roles. It can also be a great way to share in each other's excitement and happiness.

Most expectant fathers' dreams can fit into a number of themes or categories:



Anticipating Fatherhood

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