Cervical Cerclage

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Dorah - July 13

I am 36 weeks pregnant with cervical cerclage on and would like to know if there are any complications related with its removal.How long does it take for one to deliver after its removal and can one go back to when its removed.


stacy - August 15

i've had one 3 years ago and when he removed my st_tch i didin't go into labor,i had to be induced two weeks later and know i'm 15 wks pregnant again with cerclage and awaiting my fourth child.good luck-no problems.i've got god on my side.


Laurie - August 15

I am almost 36 weeks pregnant, and my doc told me that when he removes the cerclage in almost 2 weeks that if I am dialated, he will go ahead and break my water at that time. However, I've heard that lots of people get the cerclage out and then don't go into labor immediately. Good luck!


Dana - August 26

I had a cerclage with both my children 12 and 14 years ago. When I had the cerclage removed with both of them, it was because I was going into labor. I delivered very quickly with both of them. But I didn't find any problems when it was removed. Best of luck to you!


Juannetta - October 27

I had one with my first daughter and my Dr's removed them within about 10-15 minutes on a Friday and I had her that Sunday. I have another cerclage with this pregnancy and I think that it will be about the same amount of time


Melissa Trainor - January 18

I just had mine removed one week ago (01/11/06). It took only 30 seconds for him to pull out the st_tch. He said my cervix immediately popped open to 3cm the second he removed it. However, I have now been 3 cm dilated for a week and 80% effaced and still no contractions. I lost my mucus plug 2 days after the removal, but still no contractions. The removal of McDonald Cerclage was completely painless and quick. Waiting to go into labor is another story.


jamato253 - October 12

Did any of you have a shirodkar cerclage?? Thats what I have and the doctor plans to take it out at 37 weeks...A shirodkar cerclage is a mylene tape placed higher around my cervix so they will do a spinal to take it out - I have been told to be prepared to go into Labor at any point after it comes out....I will have my hospital bag in the car that night!


v_f_martinez - August 25

i went into labor at 34 wks with my last baby so they took out my cerclage. after they took it out my labor stopped. i didn't go into labor after that, but they induced me at 38wks and i delivered in 9 hours. it didn't hurt at all when they took it out .i was dilated 3 cm and they sent me home the next day.



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