Is 19 The Right Time For Me To Have A Baby

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jaefrancine - August 3

My boyfriend of 2 years and i have been in a serious relationship and now are thinking of getting married. but before we get married(like 3 months before i want to get pregant and he wants the same) Im 19 and almost done with my college and he's got a really stable job and hes enlisting in the military also. His family adores me and mine adores him. we have been true to each other and we been "promised" for a year and a half. we're fit with money and i just want some advice on this. i'll be 20 in three months and i know that he is the one. What is your opinion about this?


fitzerin - August 31

I think it's too young. Why don't you wait until after you've been married for a year. The first year of marriage is the hardest, even without a newborn in the picture!!! :-) Enjoy your time just the two of you for now. There's plenty of time for a baby in the future.


gaer - September 15

I had my first at 20, second at 23. It was very very hard ...more so at about age 5-6, I didnt have the maturity or life experience to deal with the kids the best way... I felt it ans saw it when I spoke to moms who started their family at 26+years old. I think I could have spared the kids some juvenille parenting mistakes had I waited. (I was told I couldnt conceive then got preggo in 3 wks time)


gaer - September 15

and I agree, the first yr of marriage is hard, maybe get a dog ?? have a couple years with each other and the dog, then have kids.


Miss Nikki - September 15

how weird! I was wondering the same thing! lol I turn 20 in December. I'm on Mirena but possibly might be pregnant. I'm trying to think positive, but it's hard to do that when I'm still in college and am in the middle of earning my degree....a dog sounds nice


notsureyet21 - September 25

I am almost 20. My husband and i are stable, we both have good jobs, we are both going to school to get a career and are doing the schooling on line. We have never been much into the party scene. I have been told i was very mature for my age. i have dealt with more things a 20 year old should in one life time. I think i am ready he is nervous as all first time parents are. I really want a child and i feel like crying every time i hear one of friend is pregnant and i'm not. any suggestions. I tried the dog thing i now have two sheep, two dogs, a kitten, and a horse.. that didn't help...


LaLa_LaLa_LaLa - September 30

Hi Jaefrancine- I think I can offer another perspective. Having your first baby will bring MASSIVE change regardless of if you are 20, 24, 32 or 40. I had my first under what could be considered rather inconvenient circ_mstances when I was a very tender 17. Today, I have a devilishly handsome, well adjusted, lovely son of 14 - and am living a rich, full, wonderful life. So no matter if you have your baby now, or wait till later - just know that it's not going to be "hard". What it will be is "different" from what your life would be life if you choose to wait a few years... Lala


tallytally - October 14

I too am 19 and i have no doubt in my mind that having a baby as soon as i can is the right thing for me. I have spoken to alot of different people recently about the subject and i was pleasently suprised to discover that about 90% of these people consider 19 a very good age to have a baby. Although to be honest if 90% of these people had disagreed with it it wouldnt have changed my views. I know what i want and if you do too i say go for it! ..and keep me posted :) Tally xx


Carly XxX - January 3

i had my first at 19 and couldnt be happier, i am now 22 and had twins 6 months ago. ihave 3 under 3 lol


naisey - January 4

no way!


Jess17 - January 16

Well honestly I dont think age is a huge issue at all. I am 12 weeks pregnant and I am 17. I have a husband, I've graduated hs and am starting college, and we have an apartment and plenty of money. I believe that children connect with younger parents better than older ones. Say you wait til youre 26 (and no im not bashing anyone who waited til then), are you going to have the same stamina you do now to play with your child? What about when they are 15 and 16? You'll be what? 35ish? Id rather be 35 with a 16 year old than say lower 40s.


ima43 - January 27

There is no joy greater than having your own child especially from the man you love, but don't rush it!! Maybe just hold off two or three years First built something for yourself, (work career)and enjoy your husband's company .


alwaysonthego08 - March 10

I am 19...I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant, but not 100% sure yet. It was unplanned, and came as a shock to me and my boyfriend. At first we thought it would be awful, but the more we have talked about it, the more we know that we can do it together. My bf is younger than me, and is still in hs, but he is doing dual enrollment, and will be done with an AS degree as an x-ray tech when he graduates hs. He is also doing homeschooling so he can work. I am almost done with my 2nd year of college for AS in Business Management. I have a very stable business established (been building it since I was 13) that is only growing. I will also be done with my Medical Transcription certification training in August, so that will allow me to work at home. I have TONS of experience with babies and children because I have 14 nephews and nieces already! Their ages range from 8 months to 10 years. We haven't told my family yet, which will be the absolute hardest part for both of us since our parents will be devastated. But I am sure that once they get used to the idea, they will accept it...2 of my older sisters went through the same thing, and they were supportive and helpful after the initial shock. I'd say if you are both very sure you want a baby to go for it...they're great and I couldn't imagine my life w/out my nephews and nieces...I can't imagine what having my own will be like! GL!


a.amanda - April 16

No one can tell you yor are too young but YOU! Children are a wonderful blessing but at such a young age you put alot of things on hold. Planned pregnancy or not children make the smallest and most simplest task longer sometimes harder. There is never a right time to have kids just a "better" time ther is always a better job or more money, bigger house, nicer car... My advice is sit down and make a list of things you always wanted to do (besides be a mom)i.e travel, school...because like any relationship you cant fully give your self untill you are complete. Same goes for being a mom. The happier and more accomplished you feel as a person the better mom you will be! Only you know what you want! I think you still have a few more life experiences to go...but i say that from my experiences. I had my son at 19, a soph. in college. now at 23 I just went back to finish my nursing degree. I would never change anything but would have definatley waited till after college. Good LUCK


Monique901 - May 23

I think that 19 is a great age to get pregnant. Im 19 too and i am about to ttc very soon.


GIFT - May 14

I'm 19 and very obsessed with kids. My boyfriend is 35 years old and we do click that sometimes I even forget that he's 17yrs older than me. He is financially stable, can't say the same about me as I'm doing my second yr in College. Next yr will be my last . Is planning a baby a good idea now? I'd really love to have my first kid before 25. Money is not a problem. People say I'm very mature for my age, I don't get excited about clubbing and doing all the other things that people my age do . I enjoying spending time with my boyfriend a lot !!!! 



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