20 Years Old Pregnant And In College Seeking Advice

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docbytch - February 18

While I was not a "pregnant" college student, I did manage to get my four year degree and go through most of medical school as a single mom. Having a child ups your personal "budget" so to speak and you would be able to qualify for oodles of financial aid. You would get the maximum number of grants and now is the time to apply....before the end of feb 07 so you have "priority" standing for fall 07. As far as daycare goes, not sure what to say. You'd likely qualify for daycare a__sistance, but I wouldn't try for DSHS or anyting like that because those programs tend to look down on women in college and asking for welfare. Seems they'd rather you be stuck in some c___ppy-a__s votech program with no future...but is much quicker as far as "welfare to work" It's doable if you have the will. Good luck


Pipa - February 19

I'm in grad school and worried about the same thing. My husband and I are both working on our graduate degrees (Masters due in October and Doctorate in another year and half after that). The thing about my school is that they don't have any financial aid other than loans so kinda worried. My husband and I may try to work it out where he goes to school two days and I go the other two days??? I guess only time will tell how difficult it is. I may have to take off a term for the delivery but I' am trying to load up on cla__ses while it isn't an issue yet.


angieripin510@yahoo.com - March 27

hi....my name is liz and my sister age 20 is pregnant...she is 2 months, she told my parents that she was pregnant march 23-2010..and you might guess how my mom's reaction was...yeah she was mad and upset..my mom doesn't want to talk to my sister its been 4 day already from the conversation of the pregnancy...my sister is always in her room and crying as well as my mom. my sister goes to college and works...those are the only times she is out of the house..my sister fells like my mom doesn't love her no more ...my dad is a serious person he is not at home that much because he works and he is not involve in our female things so when he found out he didn't say nothing so far he hasn't said nothing to my sister. i love my mom and sister i want to help them talk to each other and have communication...for the point of view, my mom is sad because in my moms family my uncles and aunt look up to us because were not the tipe of girls that cause truble and we go to school and we bejave good with our parents ...and when my moms family finds out they will talk bad about my sister and probably say that my mom is a bad mother ...whish she is not a bad mother ...pleas can u help me figure out how to help my mom talk to my sister and continue to talk to her ....last but not least another problem is that my mom tells me that she want to help my sister with the baby ...but later she fills guilt because she never talk to us about s_x ...and than she tells me that she perfers that my sister gets out of the house and go with her boyfriend .. thanks for reading my writing i hope u can help me help my mom and sister work things out...



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