18 And Wanting A Baby More Than Anything Why

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dcoffman24 - May 29

Everytime I walk outside I see someone with a baby...it makes me want to cry because I want one so bad. My boyfriend(19) wants kids of course and we veiw things the same but we know we need to wait. If anyone knows what wrong please help me this is hurting me more than I can bare to admit.


kimberly - May 29

You are right in wanting to wait. You need to be stable before having a baby. Good jobs, education, a home, cars, insurance, ect. Not saying you couldn't do all that if you had a kid but it does make it harder to achieve. It is normal to want a baby, we were meant to have babies, but it should be at the right time in your life. Obsessing about something is not healthy though, you need to try and focus on the things you want to accomplish before having a baby, so you can move on with your plans to be a mom someday.


LIN - June 2

Have you considered the possibility that this strong desire to have a baby at such a young age is there to replace something else that is lacking in your life? Is there an element of love missing from your life, perhaps from your parents or even your boyfriend? There are so many other things in life that are just as important as having babies, and many of them are much more enjoyable and/or much easier to do BEFORE starting a family. There is no need to rush into having children. More often than not, having children at your age will simply make your life much more complicated than if you wait, and there's really no reason at all to hurry. Unless you're independently wealthy, you're just not in a position to take care of someone properly until they are a teenager. It's possible to go to college while bringing up a child, but it's A LOT more difficult, and in the end you may just end up cutting yourself short in what you can achieve. As it is now, the world is your oyster. You can do anything. You can become a doctor if you so desire, or a scientist, a lawyer, or a historian. Seek out your interests first, because once you have children doing so will always be secondary to providing for your child. Do yourself a favor and do what you need to for yourself BEFORE you have to devote yourself to a child.


Floricica - June 2

Welll..... Naturally we have urges to get pregnant. It's very normal. We also have the brain to not get pregnant. We can think bout things and know if we should have a baby or not. But naturally, woman want babies at some points in their lives.


Maka Mbali - September 2

Dear I have no right to judge but just look at your relationship with your parents first is it a good relationship do you feel that they love you enough do they give you enough attention like a teenager should get from their parents coz in your age wanting to have a baby for me its a definite no no in most cases teenagers that want to have babies when you check their background as kids how they grew up thay did not feel loved by their parents so the opt in wanting to have kids of their own which thay feel it will be something that would surely with no doubt love them unconditionally and be with them all thye time.So before you have baby please be sure that you are ready coz trust me a baby its not a toy to play with it's 2 24/7 job sleepless nights e.t.c dont rush into this decision.


melip82 - October 3

I was in your shoes once. However, the way I wanted a baby at 18 as opposed to now at the age of 28 is very different. I was wanting to fill a void at that point. Teenage years are so confusing...trying to find out who you are, what you want in life, trying to understand feelings you are having. It's a stressful time. Just wait hun. Finish schooling...see where you are at in life in 5 years. Trust me...you will not be the same person and you and your boyfriend will either grow together or grow apart. The reasons for wanting a baby will change.



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