Anyone Gain Weight While B Fing

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jenna32 - May 19

is it possible that you can keep weight on while br___tfeeding? i am trying to lost my last 10-20 lbs i have had and they just aren't coming off! she is almost 18 months old so it certainly can't be too early. i have been jogging for like half a hour 3-4 times a week (only for one week -- i know it is only a week and too early but usually i lose so quickly) and if anything i have gained weight. :( how much would you take off for your milk? i am thinking 2-5 lbs. unless it is because my period hasn't returned either,could that be keeping weight on? i am definately eating more sensible diet like a lot of salads,veges etc. the only thing i can see is cuz i eat at night sometimes.


poizinniv - May 19

I am nursing as well, and everyone said that help you lose weight. Not so for me, I have barely dropped five lbs since having my dd three months ago. I am still carrying an extra 15/20 atm. : /


jenna32 - May 20

atleast it is still early for you,she is still young and you only gave birth a few months ago,it's been well over a year for me,err. i find you shed more around the 8th month postpartum. i was even heavier. i was reading about it online lastnight and apparently a lot of women keep the weight on because of hormones or something it had said. i would think bleeding during your period would help you lose a little to.


alicef - May 21

Well hello ladies...I share your weight pain! I have a 6 month old...2nd daughter and with both, I have gained weight AFTER giving birth to both! Afetr I had my 1st daughter, I lost 8 lbs...she was 7lbs, 3 oz!! Then proceeded to gain weight! The Lac. Consultant I saw told me that approx. 8% of BF moms will "store" their fat in case the body needs it to produce milk if your intake of energy drops. Aren't we lucky???!! Same thing has happened with daughter #2. I lost 20 lbs after she was born and proceeded to pack almost 20 lbs on again within her 1st month!! I eat very well, go to the gym regularly to no avail! When I stopped nursing the first time I dropped 15lbs in 2 weeks, I can only a__sume this will be the case with my second round! You try to do what's best for your baby, but it's hard when you don't feel like yourself with all the extra weight!


stefkay - June 10

I posted on this a long time ago and boy do I hope this is me....I'm currently weaning my 11 month old dd and now she only nurses a bit when she wakes and when she goes to bed. I have been working out pretty regularly for months and months and I stay the same weight. I NEVER used to be like that. I also watch what I eat and eat fairly healthy (chicken and veggies, salads, etc.) I am so sick of getting on the scale and it says the same thing all the time. Screw the muscle ma__s theory, I don't have enough muscle to explain the scale not moving! lol...Now that she is almost a year I am ready to get the rest of the wieght off. At this point I'd be happy with 10 lbs although 15 would be ideal.


jenna32 - June 18

thanks god i'm not alone. i just find it hard to believe that i'd be the few 8%, i am unlucky but come on. i got back to working out again, i went on vacation for a week so ya i got all out of wack but i've been working out a lot the past couple weeks again (running!) and they even weighed me at the doctor this last monday and nothing, i was actually more then i thought again 147!! i can't friggin believe it. i really hope thats the case and i didnt do some kind of permenant damage,lol. i was hoping to itleast get down to 130, i don't even expect to drop all the way back down to my pre pregnancy weight ( 120-125ish) so come on! lol i keep trying the math in my head..lets subtract 2 for clothes, 3 for milk weight, 5ish for what must be the energy stores.. i may end up ok.


micsmms3 - June 19

Just peeking in and noticed the mention of hormones in relation to bf-ing. I realize that I can be sort of ... Mean. Not at all to my lo, but I loose patience so quickly when it comes to my boyfriend, my dogs, my mom... And I feel bad about it but can't help it. I was kind of like this during my 1st trimester- then I was super b___hy!!! Anyone know why?


jenna32 - June 22

are you b___stfeeding while you are pregnant? i am sure when you are prgnant all your hormones are very out of wack a lot of the itme. i thought you'd of known though.


micsmms3 - June 22

sorry if i was confusing above... No, I am not pregnant now. I meant--- I was a complete and total b****y mess during my 1st trimester. Now that I have my LO, she is almost 7 months old- I b___stfeed- and I do feel extremely b****y the past few months. I have a very short fuse with my boyfriend, or anyone for that matter. I'm wondering if anyone knows if there are hormone changes which occur with b___stfeeding that are making me this way, or is this just the new, b****y me? ; )


csws347 - September 3

I know this post is old, but if you have ALOT of problems losing weight pp, go to your doctor and get you thyroid checked. It's very common to have hypothyroidism appear because of the hormone fluctuation your body goes through. Also, take into account you stress levels and age. Some people just don't bounce back as well and I have friends that have never lost that last ten pounds.


NavyMom - September 23

You have to work out more and eat less. Breastfeeding alone isn't the trick. It's a combination of your genes, your life style, and environment. Breastfeeding doesn't really help. I b___stfed my four kids, and lost my weight within 3 months because I gained 25lbs during the pregnancy. Most moms gain over 40 and expect to lose their baby fat. I don't think so. It's that thought that moms have, "I'm eating for two, therefor I get to eat more than usual" NO. Not saying that, that's what you were thinking or any one else reading this for that matter. I'm just saying reasons why it might be harder for other moms to lose the baby fat. Good luck to all..


NavyMom - September 23

mms3, If anything, b___stfeeding should be fun and make you excited to know you are bonding with your baby. In my experience, and from seeing other moms in the pump room at my work, we were all happy and conversing while pumping... At home, I b___stfed my daughter and relaxed while I watched her being a cute baby. I think it's something else other than b___stfeeding. I know my husband is an idiot, like most men (not getting up the very second the baby wakes up) but men don't have the same thoughts that us mothers have. They are men. Trust me, I am an evil troll when it comes to my husband and any one else who gets in my way. Slow walkers at the mall, slow drivers on the road... ignorant people who take longer than 3 seconds to reply to my question -a simple question at that... I think you are fine. Maybe you were just a little too nice before, and now you're just normal :) I'm sure you are fine. You're not that bi***y. Give yourself a break. You just had a cute little baby, and you're tired from head to toe. If people bother you, you do your thing (show your feelings) and if they don't like it, simply tell them go get a straw and suck it up. I think you're fine. Welcome to the mommy world.


AnitaLynn - October 20

My son is 12 months and I BF full time until about 10 1/2 months an now I only BF him at night. When I BF full time I never lost weight I gained, I wieghed more then then when I was prego. I am curently 10 pds more then PrePregnancy weight. Do you think Ill lose it when i stop Bf??????


dekraytom - November 12

I got it .It's pretty easy to understand. Thanks.


tera123 - October 11

I am bfing my LO and it didn't affect my supply.Hibiscus tea, cracked Foeniculum vulgar, anise seeds and lemon peel are the ingredients and these are harmless for breast milk production.



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