When Did Your Period Return After Breastfeeding

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Zorana - August 3

Hello, I am glad that I found out that someone is experiencing the same thing as me....my son is 12 months, still no period although I had one about 2 months after he was born and my hair is constantly falling out....I have lost so much hair I think I may have to cut it.


bourgi - September 12

I spotted for 3 days 6 months after I had my son. My son is now 8 months old and nothing since.


elishevah - September 13

With my 1st- a girl- I got mine at 13 months (August) - then I got pregnant in early September with my 2nd- a boy- he is now 2 months old & I still have not gotten it- I b___stfeed on demand also the baby sleeps with us.


evangelinediaz - December 5

i am a bresatfeed mom and i just got my period when my son turns 9 months old.after that i i dont have any period at all..is it normal?


evangelinediaz - December 5

i have 10 months old son, and i think i spoil him to much.he doesn't watnt to slip in his crib. how can i convince him to sleep in his crib? please help!!!!


evangelinediaz - December 5

my period has returned after 9 months and i am expecting this month...:(


bourgi - December 8

I found out that I was pregnant after 8 months of no period.....the spotting at 6 months was my clue. So I had to stop b___stfeeding.


Flavia - September 6

Could you please any one let me know that direct s_x contact after child birth and before getting period will be safer one?


lpr - October 24

I am currently b___stfeeding my 2.5 year old daughter and still no period!!! I am thinking I might be one of the ones that has to stop altogether before my period comes back? Would like to have another or two, but I guess my daughter is not ready... she b___stfeeds a lot even though she eats fine too.


mguillory - February 24

Deana- you are not ovulating if you are not getting your period in most cases, however, you do ovulate before your first period so that is why some people say they got pregnant while b___stfeeding. I would bet you will ovulate soon since you have stopped nursing but there is no way to tell when your most fertile days are until you get your first period. Good Luck!! I, on the other hand, am having the same issue as sugar+spice... I am currently nursing my 8 mo old and got my period last month but not this month so I'm going to agree with jg about the hormones being wacked out lol! Informative, Thanks!



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