Marijuana And Breastfeeding Please Help

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1stTime - April 2

momof2jewels- I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU! It is insane that these people are smoking pot and finding a reason why it is okay to do.


AmberNoel - May 11

oh my goodness, pot, as long as you know the grower, is a much safer alternative to pharmy's, just because they are LEGAL doesn't mean strong opiates like methadone or vicoden are better for pregnant/breasfeeding women than cannabis


mjvdec01 - May 11

Okay... Your name is Anon, and you are 10 years old... now your post makes sense.


bellybubble - May 14

Anon10 - well I must be one of the "silly" ones because pot - just like any drug - CAN be addictive. And yes I do know from personal experience - my ex boyfriend of many years ago could not get through a day without about 20 bongs - he did not function as "normal" without having pot. Yes he wanted it and liked it and and it was around all the time - but he couldnt say no to it - that my dear is addiction. I have no idea on the effect it has on b___stfeeding and I believe the OP will be fine as it was a one off and only a couple of puffs, but i just wanted to comment on the non addictive thing. I know many people who have tried and wanted to stop their habit many times and failed. So there is definatley some form of addiction there.


ninasoleil - May 28

The only thing dangerous about this plant is the smoke which is inhaled when it burned, but even this health risk is mitigated by the very character of cannabis. Because Marijuana is an ANTI-CARCINOGEN. In other words, it has been shown in independent tests done in Spain, US, Israel, and Canada to SHRINK TUMORS. As per its supposed addictiveness: I have been drinking coffee for over 25 years and always find it hard to stop: I get headaches and get cranky. Does this mean coffee should be illegal? I have also been using cannabis off and on for 25 years, and the same signs of withdrawal occur for a few days: crankiness, restlessness, etc... I would even say that I have found it harder to stop having my daily caffein hit(s) than not smoking pot. Research supports this finding that marijuana and coffee are about equally addictive. As per the ex-boyfriend who smoked 20 bong hits a day to function I would say that this A. sounds like an exaggeration B. sounds like an addictive personality. In other words, don't blame the plant for the failures of the human being. Or perhaps, since you don't really know what your ex-boyfriend was battling, he was probably using pot therapeutically. He may have had a mental condition like depression, or even be prone to cancer, and taking alot of this sacred herb into the temple of his body helped him stay healthy and sane. It is easy for you people who equate drugs with herbs to judge us, but the truth is quite different than what the media for the past 60 odd years has been telling you. YES Marijuana can be used as a means of escape from responsibility. So can jogging, so can watching TV, so can having a war on drugs. Until you stop eating up the garbage which the mainstream media wants you to believe, you will continue to view the facts askew. And remember: your mama's t_tties contain cannabanoids! Where do you think those got there? Probably your ancestors, who weren't raised on coca-cola and cheetos, just the good herb and fruit of the earth.


Floricica - June 3

I think right after you b___st feed your child, your body pushes out toxins and produces fresh milk. I am a smoker and when I smoked, my doctor told me to only smoke a cigg right after feeding so that the body will push the toxins out.


bellybubble - June 11

ninasoleil - as per the ex boyfriend who smoked 20 bongs a day - nope no exaggeration. He also wasnt using it therapeutically - "He may have had a mental condition like depression, or even be prone to cancer, and taking alot of this sacred herb into the temple of his body helped him stay healthy and sane" - haha are you serious!!!!!! No and no - he just smoked alot of pot and was stoned constantly and a pretty lazy! Now I am not saying ALL people who use pot get addicted - just like people cant say it isnt addictive at all, because it can be. And I am not going to get into a discussion about this because we both have very different opinions on it and thats fine but neither one of us will change the others way of thinking - which is fine also - the world would be pretty boring if we all thought the same all of the time. :)


momma117 - March 21

I am appalled to hear that anyone thinks that reporting these kids to the authorities is a responsible thing to do. Horrifying! I mean really? You don't think that speaking to them first is a better idea? I am a mother and I cannot imagine another mother ever dreaming of reporting someone for smoking pot while b___stfeeding. Is it irresponsible? Yes, but is it really endangering the life of her child? No. There have been no doc_mented or reported cases of children losing their lives or being seriously harmed by having b___st milk with THC in it. If you report these two, they may lose their children to a very flawed and abusive system forever. Rather than helping, you will be severely hurting the child and possibly causing MUCH more harm, than the THC in her b___st milk may or may not be causing. I have intervened in a family member's addiction before. My sister-in-law had a drug habit many years ago. My husband and another sister-in-law intervened and told her we were taking her children away (as they were our nieces and nephew and very comfortable with us) for a few weeks until she was clean. She has been clean ever since over the fear of losing her children who were 8, 13 and 14 at the time. Is there anyone in the family who may a__sist you in an intervention of this sort rather than just reporting them and watching the fallout over the next 18 years? I BEG YOU, please consider all of the factors before you go calling child services. It is not a responsible, or compa__sionate way of handling such a delicate situation. I am of the old school of thought, it takes a village to raise a child. Can you step up and help instead of anonymously tearing a family apart? I hop I'm not too late :o(


wicko85 - March 22

Firstly, I would like to say that I originally posted that message 3 YEARS ago after my male cousin's father had pa__sed away and he and his girlfriend were acting like total jerks and his girl would smoke a joint and then b___st feed her 1 WEEK OLD son. And then apparently a few weeks after that, the son almost died because he was oxygen deprived as he wasn't getting oxygen from mother's milk like other babies do. Needless to say, I have not yet reported them, but am keeping my ears open for the time being and all seems well. I am unable to go to my cousin's parents for help cos 1, His dad is dead and 2, his mother started him smoking pot when he was still inb grade 10. I have not smoked pot before, but I know what it smells like and I have a 'friend' who smoked it when she was pregnant and it caused her son to be a late developer and he still can't talk properly and he is 6 YEARS old now and going to school, but still grunts or makes a noise to signal he wants something. If pot does't affect children, I must be a stupid human then.


aconcernedfriend - June 10

I have read these posts but I still a little skeptical about the use of street drugs during your b___stfeeding. It's like your giving your baby a joint too. I think you should call the OTIS pregnancy studies 1877-311-8972



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