Just Can T Make Enough Milk

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Khara12345 - November 8

I am pregnant with #3 and was unable to successfully br___tfeed my last two babies. With my first I tried but the doctor had us suplement with formula and eventually we just gave him only formula because my milk never really came in. With my second I was determined to br___tfeed - I would not give him any formula at all, I fed him CONSTANTLY, I would litterally be sitting there for hours and got almost no sleep because he was never satisfied. Even when my milk came in, he was crying all the time because he was constantly hungry but no matter how much I fed him it was not enough. I went to a lactation specialist and she said I was not making enough milk, someting about the way my br___ts were far apart (which I've read up on and it's because they have underdeveloped tissue and never fully formed like most women's br___ts) I would not be able to exclusively br___tfeed and would have to supplement with formula. I was devastated because I knew in no time at all he would be only on formula as my milk supply would decrase even more. So now with my 3rd pregnancy I am about to deal with this issue again. I would like to br___tfeed as much as possible so the baby will benefit from it as much as he/she can, but I know that I'll most likely have to supplement with formula. It's very hard because it seems like all br___tfeeding moms as well as doctors and nurses look down on those who don't br___tfeed. Everyone seems to think that any woman can do it as long as she is committed to it and somehow you don't love your baby enough if you don't br___tfeed. There is a tremendous about of guilt and sadness you feel when you cannot feed your baby when everyone on earth tells you any woman can do it. I just want to see if there is anyone else out there who has gone through this. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one and I dread going through it all over again.


gaer - November 16

Try a herb called "goats rue" or blessed thistle, nursing tea and fennugreek. Its all meant to increase milk production. Drink 3 litres of water a day as well. I kept getting mast_tis and had to stop nursing my girl before I was ready. I understand how you feel. Good luck. Those herbs should be available online, it will tell you how to take it on the bottle. Or a store that has lots of BF'ing supplies.


bigmommylove - December 9

I think using herbs would make a difference. You just can't start using them until you have baby. Whether you b___stfeed or pump, just make sure to do it often. My fav product is Breastea and you can get it from Breastea.com. My milk supply went from 1/2 ounce per pumping to about five ounces. If you don't like herbal teas, I've had luck with More Milk Special Blend capsules as well. Hope that helps!



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