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alicef - January 5

Help!! My 1 year old is refusing bottles, and sippy cups from me, my hubby, grandparents....she will take small amounts of milk and juice from a small glass. Any advice???


Pearl - January 12

Since she is 1, I wouldn't even try giving her a bottle. Did she drink her water and juice form a sippy prior to this? Have you tried pumping and putting it into a sippy? I would say try different sippy cups and when she is thirsty (a__suming you have completely stopped b___stfeeding) she will drink. Shouldn't take but a couple of hours honestly. Hope that helps.


alicef - January 13

No, she has only ever had 1 bottle every night while very sleepy around 11pm (I figured that weaning would be a snap if I did this!!). Other than that she has only been b___stfed. She is refusing all types of sippy cups and bottles....and since we started trying to wean her, is refusing her 11pm bottle too! I am still nursing her in the morning and at dinner time, out of worry that she will get dehydrated!!! She has recently started to drink water out of a plastic water bottle (bad for the environment....i know....but what's a Mum to do??!!), and I have even gone so far as to put b___st milk in the water bottle....but she doesn't like that too much! She is suffering with a very bad cold this week, or I would have tried to withhold the b___st until she was thirsty/hungry enough to drink from a cup....but I worry that she is too stubborn and will get dehydrated....


Pearl - January 15

My third child (son-now 2) weaned himself at 10 1/2 months. I was realyl confused but all went well and he was ready. I b___stfed him until he was 2 months old and i went back to work. Then I pumped and bottle fed until he was 6 months old. At 6 months, my milk started drying up so I switched to formula. He was fine with it and did wonderful until he got a really bad cold at about 10 months. I gave him lots of water (in his bottle) and he refused ANY kind of milk. After about 2 weeks he started refusing the bottle too. We found these sippy cups with straws and started filling those with formula but he wouldn't drink that either. After about a week of trying different things, we finally figured out that he had weaned himself and only used the sippy cups with straws. He started drinking cows milk and water form them and never asked for another bottle. Don't know if that will help but he made it through it just fine.


dekraytom - December 2

I got it .It's pretty easy to understand. Thanks.



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