Conception After C Section

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mommyof2angels - April 10

You ladies that had vertical c-section, How did your next pregnancy go and how soon did you get pregnant? It is so hard to find information on pregnancy after a vertical/cla__sical c-section. I had an emergency vertical c-section 6 1/2 weeks ago, lost our twin boys. We want to desperately try again, Dr. wants us to wait at least 9 months. We want to wait 3 months.


loujane - April 11

about a day or 3days.


Fraulein67 - May 5

Sixth months ago I had an emergency vertical/cla__sical C-section at 25 weeks and lost my little girl after 8 days. I too wish to become pregnant again but it's hard to get a definitive answer on the best interval between pregnancies. I have heard definitely no less than 6 months, by ideally up to 18 mos. My age is big factor. Can anyone whose had a similar situation comment on what happened with a future pregnancy and how long you waited in between?


PreemieMommy22 - February 15

HI ladies so I had a bikini cut csection nov 23rd 2010 with my 2 month old preemie daughter nd I am preggos 1 1/2 months later. My hubby is worried bout the uterine eruption thing but we asked the doctor nd he said as long as i keep on taking my prenatal vitamins nd a fish oil pill once a day for extra iron I should be ok this is my 3rd pregnancy nd I am only going to be 23 in may. So I am hoping 3rd time is the charm nd this baby will be born at a normal time with no problems, I have a doctors appointment the 21st of this month so I will see how everything goes


woffles92 - July 7

hiya need some advise i had my son 6weeks ago by emergency c-section but he was very poorly and only lived for 4days 17hours, me and my partner so want a baby it will never replace our boy but i feel like i need a baby in my arms, we have been having unproted s_x but im woried if i get pregnant to soon i will be putting myself in danger and the baby some advise would be great thankyou.


Fraulein67 - July 7

Hello woffles92, I am very sorry for your loss. I lost my daughter Ava after only 8 days and you cannot understand the pain unless you have been through it. After only 6 weeks your pain is still very fresh and I think you need more time to heal both physically and emotionally. I consulted with several doctors and all said wait at least 6 months because anything less that that had a higher chance of negative results. The optimum range was 12-18 months. Age for me was a factor as I was over 40. I got pregnant a year later and now have a healthy baby boy. Give yourself time to heal so you will be emotionally ready to be pregnant again. It is difficult to be pregnant and not worry history will repeat itself. I made a conscious effort to do nothing strenuous and got progesterone shots to prevent a repeat of premature labor. It all worked. Talk to your doctor about what your treatment plan wil be once you are pregnant again. I wish you the best of luck.


mommyof2angels - July 7

I am so very sorry for you ladies losses. I too had to have a vertical c- section and lost our twin boys. I gave birth to a very healthy daughter 13 months later. I was on bed rest from 21 weeks. It was a very hard journey being pregnant so soon again, physically and emotionally. I did heal very well from first c- section and ate very healthy and took very good care of my body.


dekraytom - December 2

I got it .It's pretty easy to understand. Thanks.


rebecca676 - December 9

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