Diarrhea Post C Section

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Lisa - October 23

I had a c-section 11 days ago, now I have severe diarrhea, could they be connected? What should I do?


djh - October 23

Yes, you just had major surgery. Also many time they put antibiotics in your IV and that can cause diarrhea. If it gets any worse I would call your doctor however. You are quite soon after your surgery and I don't think it should be SEVERE. How are you feeling otherwise? Are you still hurting pretty good?


Lisa - October 23

I'm not in too much pain other than the cramps from the diarrhea, just a little tender when I use my stomach muscles. I'm just concerned about keeping my body hydrated.


djh - October 23

this is getting pretty personal, but are you able to keep anything in you for a few hours, or is the diarrhea pretty constant? Check with your doctor or pharmacist and see if an electrolyte solution might be in order. I really think you should at least call and advice nurse familiar with your chart.


Lisa - October 25

I called the Dr. they don't think it's related and told me to take Imodium. The diarrhea has stopped now, thanks for the advise.


djh - October 25

Glad you are better, Lisa. Unfortunately when one goes in to the hospital for one thing, sometimes we pick up the other germs there. That's the trouble with hospitals...there are sick people there...ha-ha!


question - November 6

I had a c section on october 20th and i still can't eat any food because nothing will stay in my body. i've lost 35 lbs the first week after the baby. Just wondering how long this is going to last?


Lisa - November 8

You need to talk to your doctor, this sounds serious. I have had bouts of diarea since the c-section, but a little Imodium takes care of it. I lost weight rapidly the first two weeks but I was swollen and most of it was water weight. Please talk to your doctor, it's hard enough to take care of a newborn, you shouldn't have to deal with being that sick yourself.


Elyse_182 - March 18

Hi ladies, 

i know this was 6 months ago but I hope you’re all doing better. I’ve just had my 3rd c section 9 days ago and googled about symptoms I’m experiencing, ended up here. Reading all these comments o remembered that I couldn’t leave my house because of how sick I was all the time. I couldn’t leave the bathroom it was awful. 

The only thing that helped me was I saw a dietician and and integrative health specialist. He got my hormones back in check and the dietician got my gut bacteria back to normal. 

I’ll be doing that again this time around considering how I’m feeling currently and because it worked. Kicking around with your insides, pumping you full of antibiotics etc, it wreaks havoc with your gut. Then add in a hormone imbalance after pregnancy and you basically don’t know who you are anymore. 

I hope this helps. I know how awful it is to live with. 

Enjoy your babies xx


qiaraau - March 19

Antibiotics is given to reduce infection as you are in c section you can also take probiotics which will help you to balance the good and bad bacteria in your body.



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