Cesarean Section Recovery

If you are awake for the surgery, you can probably hold your baby right away. Because of the effects of the anesthesia, babies born by C-section sometimes have difficulty breathing in the beginning and need extra help. A pediatrician or other person skilled in newborn problems is usually present during a Caesarean section so that she can examine and assist the baby, if necessary, immediately after birth.

You will be taken to a recovery room or directly to your room. If a general anesthesia was used during the delivery, you may not wake up for a few hours. When you do, you may feel groggy and confused.

The First Few Hours
Don't be surprised if your baby is still being affected by the anesthesia for six to 12 hours after delivery and appears a little sleepy. If you're going to breastfeed, try to nurse her as soon as you feel well enough. Even if she's drowsy, her first feeding will provide a reason for her to wake up and meet her new world and you.

You'll probably experience some pain where the incision was made. But you'll soon be able to hold your baby and you'll quickly make up for the lost time. You may need to stay in bed for awhile. A hospital stay after cesarean birth is usually four days. The length of your stay depends on the reason for the cesarean birth.

After You Go Home
It will take a few weeks for your abdomen to heal. It's important to help yourself heal. For a few weeks after the cesarean birth, you should not place anything in your vagina or do any strenuous activity. Many maternity centers have childbirth classes and support groups for couples who may need cesarean birth. If you have questions or concerns about a cesarean birth or having repeat c-sections, ask your doctor or nurse.

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