Birth Plan

It’s all in the planning! For moms-to-be, the best advice for an easy birth and easy transition into motherhood is to organize yourself as best you can before your baby's arrival. Having a birth plan can help you make the most out of your birthing experience. A birth plan will outline what you hope to happen during your birthing experience like who you want in the room with you, what kind of props you desire to help you through the contractions (such as music to listen to or pictures to look at), what kind of pain medications you may want to take to ease your labor pain, and the overall mood you hope to achieve in your birthing room.

It's also a great idea to keep a pregnancy journal so that later on your child can be a part of this special time in your life. Record your feelings about the pregnancy and upcoming birth and writing down anything you can while in labor to let your baby know about the day he was born.  But before you start thinking too far ahead, you'll want to make sure you and your partner have a solid relationship plan that will carry you into the future.

Who is going to be in the room with you when you deliver? Here is what both of you should know about the duties of a labor coach.  Choose wisely as this person will be the rock you will need to lean on when the pain becomes too much and your energy levels begin to drop.  

Child Birth Options

Pregnant for the first time? You are probably wondering what it will be like to give birth. Questions About Childbirth can answer many of the most common questions pregnant women have. Childbirth Options briefly outlines some of the procedures used in the delivery room.  Take some of the scary out of the idea of giving birth by learning more about what to expect and how things are done.  

If you are having your birth in a hospital or a birthing center, take a look at Hospital Births and Birthing Centers so you can know what to expect. Read about birthing chairs and the leboyer method to make your birth more comfortable.  Get to know all of your options so that you can choose the right one for you.

A hospital is not the only place you can give birth, though. Considering a Home Birth, Hypnobirthing and Water Births will provide you with valuable information about some other ways you can deliver your baby.  Water births are becoming especially popular and are even now offered in many hospitals.  Find out more about this birthing option.  

Preparing For Child Birth

And if you are thinking about taking prenatal classes, then be sure to read Childbirth Classes. Here you will learn about the benefits of these classes as well as the different types of classes you can attend. Some classes focus on the very popular and successful Lamaze method.  Find out more about what the lamaze method is and if you think it can help you through your labor and birthing experience.  

And don't forget to pack that hospital bag and keep it near your door! When you go into active labor, you may not be thinking too clearly, so plan ahead by Writing Your Birth Plan - this can help ensure you have a positive birth experience! What to Take to the Hospital 

can give you some tips on just what should be in that overnight bag when you go into labor.

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And make sure you have a backup plan as well -- and that you have shared the plan with a trusted friend or relative outside your birth support team.
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