Cesarean Section

Giving birth by cesarean, or c-section, is on the rise in hospitals as well as among women who are choosing to give birth via cesarean rather than vaginally. In fact, almost 30% of all births in the United States are now done via cesarean section.  If you are unsure about what a cesarean actually is, read What is a Cesarean? and find out more about this procedure, how it is done, and who needs one.  Also learn more about the benefits and cons to a cesearean section and about what a c-section means for a woman's postpartum recovery time.  

Reasons For Cesarean Sections

There are different reasons for women needing to have a cesarean. If you think you might need one, then you’ll want to read Do I Need a Cesarean? Here you will learn valuable information about why you may not be able to deliver your baby vaginally.  Not all women can give birth vaginally and having a c-section may be a life saving option.  Sometimes a woman will need a c-section because their baby is too large to fit through the vaginal canal.  This can happen if the women has gestational diabetes during pregnany.  Other times women will need a cesarean section if their labor fails to progress after a certain amount of time or if their baby is in destress, like if the baby's heart rate drops.  Find out more about the many different reasons one may need a cesarean section.

If you have decided to have an elective cesarean, read about the procedure and the recovery so you can know what to expect. You might also want to check out Cesarean Complications so you can be fully aware of the risks and benefits to you and your child. Adhesions, which can be quite painful and cause complications in future pregnancies, are just one complication of c-sections. It is also important to be aware fo the effects a c-section can have on you and your baby in future pregnancies.

Labor After A C-Section

If you have already had a cesarean and are pregnant again, you might be wondering whether you will need another cesarean or if you can deliver vaginally. Repeat Cesarean Sections 

will provide you with important information regarding this issue. If you are hoping to deliver vaginally, then you will want to read Vaginal Birth After Cesarean. Here you can get valuable information along with tips to help make your vaginal birth after a cesarean easier.  And, it's good to know that most women who have had a c-section can, and are encouraged, to have a vaginal delivery the second time around so if this is what you want you should be able to have the birth experience you desire.  Find out more today.



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After my friend gave birth to her baby boy i was talking to her nurse about if i would need to have a c-section if i got pregnant (we have been trying to get pregnant but i have pcos and now i am waiting on my doctor to let me know if she is going to give me clomid or metformin, i just finished my provera). Anyways, she told me that it really depends on how big my cysts are and i was wondering if anyone was told the same thing. i am not over weight if that has to do with anything.
13 years ago