So, you find yourself rearranging the cookbooks in alphabetical order and are now threatening to redecorate the living room. Are you nesting? How about that backache and slight tightening sensation in your abdomen? Is this 'it'? It's not always easy to tell if these signs of labor actually mean that you're really in labor or just experiencing false labor contractions. Am I in Labor? will help you to distinguish between false labor and the real thing.

Stages Of Labor

Take a quick look at labor for a complete overview of the process and familiarize yourself with the different stages of labor. Back Labor will provide you with information about the other labor pain women are not warned about: back pain. And if you think you know everything there is to know about labor, can you say the same about after labor? Read After Birth to get the scoop on what actually happens in those first few hours after your baby arrives. Also, find out what it means if your baby is born with a low or high birth weight.

Prolonged pregnancy can cause any woman to get sick of being pregnant. If you're tired of waiting, then take a look at Inducing Labor to find out what you can do to hurry things along. However, sometimes your health care provider will decide that it is time to induce and will use medical techniques to induce labor.

Labor is probably the most feared yet anticipated aspect of pregnancy. If you want a more extensive look at what happens during labor, check out The Stages of Labor. And remember: it's not just your baby that you will be delivering, but also the placenta. All About Placentas will help you understand a bit better just what this organ does.

Labor Pain

You should carefully consider how you will deal with your labor pain before you go into labor. Learn about the best options for laboring naturally. And if you opt for using medication for the pain, be sure to understand the different pain relief methods. Some women prep themselves by doing perineal massage a few weeks before labor begins. It's best to also read about having an episiotomy. Be sure to share your thoughts on this procedure with your caregiver well before you go into labor.

Birth Presentations and Delivery gives a detailed look at how the position of your baby can affect the birth. What is a Breech Birth? will provide valuable information about what can be done when your baby is in a breech position.

After The Delivery

And if everything you thought you ever learned about labor just flew out of your head, do not worry. Refresh your mind in Labor Guide and then prepare yourself for one of life's most incredible moments. Remember that planning for your labor is not the only arrangement to consider when thinking about birth. If you are expecting a baby boy, you may be debating circumcision.

Once baby arrives you will want to shout it out to the whole world! Introduce your new bundle of joy to all your family and friends with special birth announcements that are perfect for the occasion!

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Lowery Mommy
okay i am 37 weeks 1 day pregnant and for about a week now i have been having extreme throbbing and dull sharp pains from my teeth to my lower back. On top of all that i constantly feel like im on fire. This is my 5th pregnancy and the only one to make it i am having a little boy and any advice would be amazing thank you
12 years ago