If You Wanna Go Into Labor Do This

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anna - August 1

thi is what i did and im pretty sure this is what did it for me....i was 40 weeks and 3 or 4 days and i went to a drug store and got some castor oil i took about 3 teaspoons with some sprite (get the tasteless castor oil) it feels like you swallow an egg thats it.i went to bed and woke up at 4 with contractions. and i had a beautiful little girl


alicia - August 1

ive got one question... did you get diarehha(sp) at all. i was told you can get pretty nasty from castor oil'


heather - August 2

I was told that the baby could be born with muconum, that you shouldn't do that. Did yours?


Lindsay - August 2

It was Annas choice to try the castor oil and it worked for her. You have your opinions and so does she. I have heard both good and bad experiences from different women. Conrats Anna!!


Kristie - August 2

I think Anna had a right to use caster oil as does anyone, especially at 40 weeks and some, some women have a harder time then others waiting for baby to decide, due to pain, and discomfort that in my opinion, doesn't and shouldn't be drug on further than needed. I took caster oil myself and my baby was born as healthy as any other baby. There are alot of different opinions on the topic, and alot of different reactions, but as Lindsay put it, people have their own choice and opinions so no one should feel bad about trying to help themselves start their own labour.


norma - August 2

i don't think you should drink any kind of drug until you see a doctor it could effect the baby i think only doctors know cause i don't think you know you should just let the baby come out when he or she want's to?


Sandi - August 5

I' 38 1/2 weeks and I tried the castor oil w/ Pepsi. All I got was a serious case of diarrhea!!! But I'll try it again in a couple of days. I geuss I'm impatient.


2bmaria - August 5

i tried the castor oil and got bad diarehea for 13+hrs the contractions didnt even hit hard i know i wont try it again.ill let nature take its course


KatsKlau - August 5

I just read a post that said to forget inducing and just wait the baby will come naturally. Inducing labor has been around for ages and inducing naturally is the best way. My sister-in-law lot her baby three days before her due date, he was born stillborn but otherwise perfect. The doctor said had they induced a week earlier he would have been born healthy and alive. So when my sister gave approached her due date in late July she used Evening Primrose Oil orally and as a suppository as directed by her midwife and she delivered a healthy baby girl with minimal pain and a very short labor two days after following orders. All of my female family members have induced either through castor oil, fletcher's castoria or aceite de tiburon (shark's oil). Its perfectly natural.


W/Anne - August 5

KatsKlau that is very sad, if it's true, but the odds of that happening are slim to none.


shana bates - August 8

my mom told me about that she used it with my sister but she drank thw whole bottle and went into labor right after. i plan to use it to


tiffy - August 8

I used castor oil when i was pregnant with my twins. it took the whole bottle but after a lil diarrhea, and a couple of hours i went into labor. Two healthy boys!


amy - August 8

Hey ladies, none of you are old enough to know this it seems...however castor oil (which is NOT a drug) was OFTEN given to woman when they checked into the hospital to have children. My mother is 71 and the doctors gave her castor oil with all 4 of us girls. I've personally been loaded with drugs that are "standard practice" for halting premature labor. And these DRUGS that the hospitals give are 1. NOT approved for use on pregnant woman. and 2. Have not "adequately" been tested on humans OR animals!!!


Future - August 8

Castor oil was given and considered safe once upon a time, but it isn't now. The risk might be small, but it's there. Cigarettes, booze, cats, etc were not considered big problems back in the day either. Does it mean they're safe now? If you must do something to help things along, try s_x and walking, not castor oil. Don't tell me you want the baby out bad enough to risk hurting him or her. That's crazy.


amy - August 9

point is, with anything, you MUST weigh the risk vs the benefit. I chose to allow the hosapital to stop my premature labor with commonly used drugs, not approved. Breathine is not made 4 stopping labor nor tested as such, but it works on some woman. Procardia, same story, and the magnesium sulfate...some hospital wont even use it. A full term, past due date baby had extreamly low risk. I personally would not try castor oil, but anna should not be judged so harshly. Also got an issue with cats dont touch the fecal material, booze? Common sense and moderation same for cigs. Know the facts not the scare tactics and hype. Then be smart about your choices. - MD


jay - August 9

Just found out today that I am gestationial diabetic - pretty bad I think since I am on 4 shots of insulin a day. I am fearing that my baby will get too big if I wait to term. My last babe was 8lbs13oz, and I had a really hard time. Castor Oil sounds like a good alternitive to me. I have been having lots of s_x but only slight period cramps - any other suggestions, ladies??? I am very open minded, just don't want to have a big baby.....could cause an emerg c-section.


copper - August 10

Jay, I too had GD and my doctor induced early. Talk to your doctor before trying to handle things yourself.



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