Induce Labor At Home

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Shea831 - April 1

I agree with you sezbi. You need to make sure your baby is ready and your body will let you know by going into labor. You are NOT full term until about 37 or 38 weeks anyway. You really don't want a premature baby. My daughter was born on her due date, and she was in the NICU for a week. YOUR baby knows when it's time NOT YOU.


juicypurse - April 30

inducing at 36 weeks won't do anything, it's before full term also, so you're endangering yourself and baby.


nikolesimpson - May 14

nothing will work unless baby and your body are ready for labor. i'm on number 3. 37 weeks and been dialated for 2 weeks and very tired and uncomfy but with each day that goes by that is that much more healthier the babe will be.


cruzenchic134 - August 28

I don't understand why some of you have to be rude. I think that it is immature. I agree that you should not try to induce yourself at 36 weeks, but you don't need to be nasty to get your point across and you sure don't need to call people stupid. My doctor told me that I could start trying to induce myself after 37 weeks. She knew that I was one to go early anyway, a month with my oldest, 3 days with my middle and 2 weeks with my youngest. So when I hit 37 weeks she told me that I could do what ever I wanted to try and go into labor if I could get myself to go. I did. I was due on Nov 6 and had my baby on October 21st. If you want to try to induce labor, be honest with your doctor and they will be honest with you. I told my doctor that I was going to try and induce naturally and she told me that I needed to wait until I reached my 37th week. She didn't call me stupid or say that I was endangering my baby. He was already in some danger and we were getting ready to set up an induction date anyway. His fluid was on the low side and she was starting to get concerned. I had ultrasounds every week until I had the baby. Good Luck!!


Jennd54 - December 28

Ok, my sister used castor oil 2 years ago with her 2nd child. She said that she drank about 4 tbsp, jumped back and forth between the toilet and the bathtub, went to bed and within 7 hours she was on her way to the hospital. Her water broke when she got up to go pee. I'm 37 weeks and 5 days along. (My children are around 9 lbs and the doc says this one will be up there as well.) So I tried the Castor oil. About 4 days ago, I took 1/4 cup, went to the bathroom only 2-3 times and had some strong contractions. When I went to my doc appt. a couple days later, baby had dropped and doc said that he is fully ready to come out any day now. So yesterday morning I took 1/3 cup of castor oil, went to the restroom a lot more, didn't have much for contractions and ended up taking another 1/4 cup about 9 hours later-- STILL NOTHING. Having some contractions off and on, but not really doing anything. I haven't been able to sleep for the last 2 months, (3-4 hours a night) and having another 9-10 lb baby is maybe just worrying me more. (I hyper-ventilate when I'm in the delivery room trying to deliver my big babies) Is there anything else I can do that will really kick this into gear. Please only helpful suggestions, I've done my reading and research, but only want to know what may have worked for others.


Baby Bella - March 3

i know im no expert on labor because this is my first baby but i agree with jennd54 babies bowels dont work until they are actually out of the womb they only pee inside because theyre not actually getting chunks of food. Meconium is made of amniotic fluid, mucus, lanugo (the fine hair that covers the baby's body), bile, and cells that have been shed from the skin and the intestinal tract. im 37 weeks almost 38 i started having real labor contractions last thursday n i was starting to dialate the drs said i would most likely be back either later that night or the next day n they said do as much as u can to continue dilating once at home so if ur drs say its ok to do it then dont listen to ppl who say ur selfish ur body knows when ur ready if ur not then anything u do wont work


my girl - July 13

I am 35 weeks with my third and I am having a c-section. Last week my doctor told me that the only way she would do the c-section at 37 weeks was if she did an amnio to make sure the lungs were developed. So this tells me that even at 37 weeks the lungs of the baby may be immature so I would recommend waiting. I do have friend who gave birth hours after drinking caster oil.


alirenee86 - July 13

I'm really sorry, but it just sounds extrememly selfish and brainless to want to bring on labor for the birth of your baby one month premature- and on your own like you're a doctor (a__suming you are not). I'm not very religous but you're not God and it seems you're trying to have an selfish and unsafe control over your unborn baby's life just cause you may feel a bit bored or discomforted by being pregnant. It's just wrong unless there is a medical or natural need for the baby to be born now. It seems like a lazy and selfish way out to something that is SO fragile at this point. Four more weeks is nothing compared to the well being of the entire life of your baby.


alirenee86 - July 13

SEZBI- you are the last post here and I JUST noticed your comment immediately after I posted mine...I thought I was going to sound to harsh in this forum and don't want to be unsupportive of anyone- but you are 100% correct!!! Selfish and STUPID!!! Besides Ms Daizy, what are you in such a rush for? Once the baby comes, you will be much more exhausted- trust me while I'm pregnant with our 3rd baby in 3 years (done after this) but well aware of the restlessness you feel toward the end. It's just not all about you anymore.


candybubbles - June 11

If you want to get technical 37 weeks is considered full term and there is nothing wrong with having your baby at 36 weeks. i had my son at 36 weeks and he was 6lb 9 oz 19 1/2 inches and didnt spend a day in NICU. Its all in your body and how your baby is grown. Caster Oil works for some people and dont for others again it depends on your body and weather you are ready or not.


dollyboo - June 24

apparently caster oil doesnt work, all it does is makes you need the toilet a lot, and gives you tummy cramps, but does nothing to your uterus. it can also make you really sick.


Niobe - July 10

you are so right against all stupid advise and family tell me not to induce cause I may die in child birth i still went alone and took castor oil but I was preparing myself since i was 34 weeks by taking primrose oil (capsules) v____ally the tuesday before I gave birth I saw my doctor and and asked him to strip my membranes I then walked to the farmers market and and got the ingredients to make an eggplant parmesan that night at 9pm I downed 2oz of castor oil with 4oz of OJ it took 2 hr before I had any reaction and when I did it was very mild and short nothing like I was told would happen I began to think it wasnt going to work so at 11pm I downed 2 more oz of castor oil and 2 oz of OJ that did the trick I was on the John pooping like crazy but no contraction afterr the pooping had let down I went fore a walk around 2am went t...o a firends house it was about 5am when I started feeling anything and then it was very mild went home sat in the tub with very warm water I guess that helped cause by the time I got out I was having contraction every 4 mins but very mild I made some ginger tea and had a gla__s of white wine by 6:15am I was so hungry but time my boyfriend made me some eggs my water broke I wasnt in any real pain just some mild discomfort made it to the hospital by 7:30 and since my pain ws so mild they didnt want to admit me but they did at around 8 something and gave me some thing I guess to make me suffer which doubled my pain at 10:11am I had a 6 lb 14 oz baby boy NOW FOR THOSE THINKING OF INDUCING THEMSELVES ITS NOT AN IDEA YOU WAKE UP WITH ONE MORNING AND TRY IT TAKES TIME AND PREPARATION AND A LOT OF RESEARCH SO GOOD LUCK


Niobe - July 10

I forgot I was 75% afaced and 3 cm dilated before I tried castor oil which means I was already in the beginning stages of labor which makes a big difference when trying to induce your self


cherae - November 6

i am already over due and getting impatient. this is baby number 2 n the first one was 5 days late... so far i am 5 days late and want my lil boy out! im tryin to find a safe way to induce myself but dont want to try the castor oil.(sounds pretty nasty to b drinking oil...) if anybody has any advice id greatly appreciate your input. but if all you can say is just wait for him to come out on his own, i honestly dont want to hear it. my doc already told me i could try things to induce myself cuz my lil girl was late as well.... so please i would greatly appreciate some advice here!!!


kamiya - March 16

i'm like on the same boat i'm about to past my due date I need to knw Wat can I do to get my labor started



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