Planning A Second Pregnancy

Pregnancy the second time around can be very different from your first pregnancy. Even though you've already been pregnant and had a baby, there are physical, mental and emotional differences which can take a toll on you if you're not prepared for them.

Planning Begins Before Conception

When you and your partner decide to have another child, the planning begins before conception. Family specialists tend to agree that the best time to become pregnant with another child is when the youngest is 18 months. That way, by the time the new baby comes along he's grown to be a "big boy" and is probably potty trained, eating on his own and busy being a little boy. When toddlers are younger, they may not be ready to ‘not be the baby anymore' and they may not be able to cope emotionally with the stresses of a new sibling. If possible, spacing the children is a good idea for everyone concerned.

If It Wasn't Fun The First Time....

If your first pregnancy went well, then it likely follows that the next one will too. If things didn't go so well in the first pregnancy, you may feel apprehensive and concerned about pregnancy, labor or birth with the next one. Any health concerns that arose in the first pregnancy should be addressed before the conception of the next pregnancy. If you gained a lot of weight and haven't managed to lose it all, do your best to get your weight down as close to normal as possible. Excess weight during pregnancy can be a precursor to a number of challenges.

Preeclampsia And Pregnancy Issues To Address

Preeclampsia in the first pregnancy often indicates the same in any subsequent pregnancies, especially if the first baby was born prematurely or was small for the term of the pregnancy. Overweight, high blood pressure and diabetes are all indicators for preeclampsia. Be sure to attend all prenatal appointments and report any physical changes and challenges to your doctor.

Was Your Doctor The Best One For You?

If your practitioner was a wonder during your first pregnancy, then there's probably no need to make any changes. On the other hand, if things didn't go well, then you may want to find someone with whom you can connect at a better level. When discussing your birth plans with your provider, it is important to have someone who is willing to work with you and honor your preferences as much as possible.

Hard Question:  Can You Handle The Fiscal Responsibility Of Another Child?

Another consideration to take into the planning process for the next child is the financial ramifications of adding to the family. Are you in a position to handle the fiscal challenges of a new baby and everything that comes along with that position? Some of the things to consider are maternity leave and day care. Reusing as much as you can from the first baby is a good start since you can save a lot on big ticket items by keeping them and using them for the next baby.

While the planning is different for the second pregnancy, it is still a good idea to plan well in advance and evaluate your position before conception.


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