Pregnant Again-How To Plan

You've already done this. You've had a baby, and now you're pregnant again. Having already gone through the process, why would you need to make a plan for the next one? Well, if the first pregnancy and labor were straightforward, then you will likely feel relaxed and comfortable at the prospect of the next birth. However, if things didn't go so well, the idea of another pregnancy and birth can be a cause for concern and perhaps some apprehension.

This Pregnancy Will Be Different

Every pregnancy is different and even if the first one went well and even if you didn't have a plan for the birth, it is a good idea to prepare well for the next pregnancy-especially if your first child is quite young. The new dynamics include feeling more tired than you did with the first baby and the sense that you aren't caring for your toddler the way you should. On top of that, you may also feel that you're quite detached from the baby you are now carrying.

Your body, now seasoned with a previous birth, knows what it is doing and will respond to the second pregnancy differently from the first. If there is morning sickness, often it is less intense (although there are no rules about this) and because the uterus has been stretched, you will feel fetal movements about a month earlier than you did with the first baby. You may also encounter stronger Braxton-Hicks contractions later in the second pregnancy that you did in the first.

Planning A Second Birth

How do you plan properly for this second baby when the time just seems to fly by? Well, the second time you have more of an idea what to expect and, unless there were serious problems with the first birth, you can expect a similar delivery. Some things you can do to prepare for the second birth include evaluating your health provider from your last birth. If everything went well and your experience was positive, then it is probable you will stick with your practitioner. However, if things were tense or the plan didn't go quite as well as you had hoped, then finding a new doctor or midwife will be a consideration.

Things To Do For Yourself

Having a physical check up and addressing any health issues early on in the pregnancy are important things to accomplish. If there were problems with preeclampsia, high blood pressure or diabetes in the last pregnancy, then preparation and planning to deal with any recurrence is appropriate.

And Things To Do For Your Toddler

Some simple things you can do in terms of planning for this new birth include care provision for the child you already have at home. Buy easy-to-prepare, healthy foods such as pasta, fruit and vegetables to have in the home when it is time to have the baby. Spend time prior to the birth to include your toddler as much as possible in the process, explaining at his level what he will discover when you go away and then come home again.

You Probably Didn't Get It All The First Time Through

It's also a good idea to go through another series of childbirth classes. When you went through the first time with your first pregnancy, there was a lot you got and a lot you missed. With the next pregnancy, you'll be feeling much more at ease and more open to possibilities knowing that labor is not always predictable. Also, you and your partner will have some time to focus on this pregnancy together-something you may not be able to do in your day-to-day life with a little one at home.


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