Early Signs Of Labour

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Baby_E_Curtis - April 24

Hi I am 35 wks+4 days pregnant and have experienced lower adominal and lower back cramps and also tightening. yesterday morning i saw something that looked like a mucous plug white and thick(sorry for the detail) been to the hospital straight away and had test done they think its just an bladder infection and thrush and im now on anti biotics for it and my pains are probably just braxton hicks. waiting for more test results but i am still not sure what signs are preterm labour. ive noticed more white and thick discharge (not sure if its thrush or mucous plug) this morning and still have some pain (mild). does anyone know how to tell the difference?


HappinessIsHugs - August 4

When the real labor comes, it will be regular and constant, and over time grown in intensity and frequency. The initial labor pangs don't hurt, later the contractions will become quite fierce. By the time they are really pinching you, they are either real or you are in real trouble.


Afandi - September 21

I am sorry for what is happening to you, but I think you need to check out for signs of preterm labor. Typically, the labor will set in towards the end of week 37. Children born at this point may have health problems. Here are the signs you should check out for:
Change of vaginal discharge - they are the most common signs of preterm labor. The expectant mother will see vaginal discharge, watery and bloody. So it is recommended that you see a doctor immediately.
The pressure in the pelvis and the lower belly- you will feel like your baby is pushing down. Also, you will feel a dull backache, belly cramps that come without diarrhea. 
Regular contractions that make the belly to tighten. This contraction may not be painful.
If your water breaks, you will have no option but calling your health care provider immediately. 
Transvaginal ultrasound may be required to see how strong the cervix is. 
In some cases, the provider may give you treatment to stop preterm and help to improve the baby’s health.



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