How Did You Deliver After Your Incisional Hernia Repair

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Leslie - August 28

I have an incisional hearna repair, mesh also, I have been getting checked every 2-3 months by my surgoen who reports no slipage or tearing but it can happen. My belly always hurts, mine was done around the navel about 5 cent dia. Im 22 weeks now but gained a ton of weight my first 3 months because of Pergesterone, the rapid weight gain can cause the pain from the quick growth of the stomach. My doc says I could go either way, come though without a problem or need it repaired again after I deliver. The pain is bad, sometimes it eases up, but the more you do the more it hurts and burns. Remember it is tacked in, so those tacks are pulling and causing a lot of soreness. I knew about the risks before getting pregnant. We waited 2 years after the surgey to be sure it was fully healed. It sucks but the little buggers are worth it! I am glad to say I had a good surgeon who talked to me and was honest about what to expect and checks on me to see how Im doing, so Im not angry or feel like the mesh didnt do its job, but it is still little consolation for the pain and lack of mobility. I use a belly bra I got from the JC Penny Catalog, it gives some good support nad helps with some of the pain. Good luck ladies!!!


Brachah - August 28

Leslie: I had my incisional repair with mesh exactly one year ago. We asked the surgeon what would happen IF we were to become pregnant ... we had given up three years ago after 5 miscarriages and one tubal pregnancy resulting in removal of left tube/ovary ... anyway, the surgeon told us that my belly would be as strong as an 18 year old's ... still my husband and I believed in our heart that we would not get pregnant after all these years of trying, but as God would have it we got pregnant and this baby is determined to make it into the world. Fast-forward to now ... with the slippage and painful ripping and a large gaping hole running down the middle of my growing stomach ... we go back to the same surgeon, and guess what he says? "Man, I wish you would have told me you wanted to get pregnant!" (Makes you wonder if they really LISTEN to you. We didn't ask for this to happen.) I'm just a scared lady ... blessed with the miracle God has given me ... but scared and in a lot of pain. I worry about what will happen at the c-section and the impending surgical repair two months after my baby is born (when she'll need me/plan to b___stfeed.) Need prayers for peace and old body has been through hell, and don't know how much longer it can hold up.


Brachah - August 29

Brachah : I had to have a tubalplasty last Jan to get Preg myself, I know the pain and worry of conception!!! We too are blessed and your right, Doctors do not always listen!!! I think I must have mentioned it to my surgeon like 10 times, and regardless if he though we would really get pregnant or not I don;t think there is much they can do, your orginal repair sounds like it was more sever than mine,. and Im 36 had 5 obdomonal surgies in 2 years time but my hernia was only a 2.5 inches long tear. I also got to wait 20 moth before getting pregnant and my surgoen got together with our fertility specialist to make sure he knew where my mesh was before my tubal plasty. We have been very lucky so far, but judging from the pain I can't believe I will make it the entire 40 weeks without tearing more or needing a new repair job after the baby comes. Good luck to you! Try the belly bra and like you we feel blessed too!


Brachah - August 31

I am very worried about "3rd Time Mommy"... she said she was in Georgia ... I hope and pray she and her family are safe ... haven't heard from her ... please let me know you're alright as soon as you can.


3rd Time Mommy - August 31

Brachach, thank you so much for posting! How was your appt yesterday? I cancelled my appt with the VBAC dr. We're all okay here in GA - thanks for your concern. Gas spiked this afternoon by 40 - 50 cents and there are lines at the pumps and some shut down, but we're doing fine. I am sorry to hear that someone else has this hernia thing, too, but I'm glad Leslie is posting. My appt is Tuesday with my OB and I'm making sure to talk to him and not the midwife this time to see what his game plan is about working with or around this mesh when he does the c-sec.


Brachah - September 1

My appt yesterday went ... well ... okay. Thank you for letting me know that you're alright! Days without regular posting from ya'll worries me (it's okay if I do it, but when others do it I worry - ha!) Anyway ... here's what we found out: The surgeon has decided to repair the incisional hernia immediately after the baby is removed via c-section!!!!!!!!! Yea!!!!!!! The mesh will be removed, and then they will go in and cut away the weak areas and repair the incisional hernia internally. To counter inevitable/major blood loss, I was prescribed an extra supplement of iron pills to aid my body in producing more blood volume. I also was sent to Labor & Delivery, and spent four hours being monitored for Braxton Hicks contractions (which are very painful when you have a major rip in your belly) ... but the baby is fine. I am now officially on "Limited Activity" which is basically one step above bedrest, and translates into house arrest with literal limited activity . The doctor refuses to prescribe anything for pain, and continues to say there is nothing he can do to ease the pain. I am to restrict my eating, too ... concentrating more on soups and soft foods, and not eating large meals anymore. That's all I know right now ... look forward to hearing from ya'll soon.


Brachah - September 1

Oh! One more thing: if you are not having any major problems with your mesh (as far as slipping and not doing the job it is supposed to do) then what they'll probably do is cut through it just like your other abdominal tissues/muscles ... and then after they deliver the baby and sew up your uterus, then they'll pull the two pieces of mesh back together (along with your other tissues/muscles) and sew it whole again. Does that make sense? It's just another layer to cut through and sew back together, and it shouldn't be a problem if you're not having any problems with it right now other than the pulling you feel as your tummy gets bigger. Just pray it doesn't slip like mine did. I seriously think they'll recommend a c-section over VBAC, but you never know.


3rd Time Mommy - September 2

Brachach and Leslie... where are y'all located? I'll be updating on Tuesday as I will be speaking personally with my OB and will even mention y'all! I wish y'all didn't have the problem, but I am so glad you've posted because I've been unable to find or read or hear of anyone else with the incisional hernia. That's just not something I'd ever even heard of happening and didn't know it's actually not that uncommon to happen when there is abdominal surgery.


Brachah - September 2

I am in Abilene, Texas. My primary OB doctor is James G. Ba__s (if your doc wants to correspond.)


Brachah - September 2

Oh ... duh ... one more thing ... Brachah (pronounced Brock-ah) is my Hebrew name that I use on these threads for a certain level of anonymity ... IF you're doctor calls my doctor, though, the name "Brooke" will provide more clarity.


TRenee72 - September 5

I believe I have a hernia. I have a lump that goes away when I lay down and swim but shows up when I stand up. I have lost 40 lbs and the lump is right at my csec scar. Plus, too right before I menustrate I have extreme pain no cramps, pain! I can't even stand up. Any advice, I am not going back to the OB that did my surgery because he is too far away, what should I know when I see a new doc. I have had three surgeries with that one scar (ovarian cyst, csec 1, csec 2). I would appreciate any insight to this situation.


3rd Time Mommy - September 7

TRenee72 - that sounds like a hernia to me! How long ago was your c-sec? That's how mine was, it would "look" like it had gone away when I was lying down, but when I stood up... there was that nice bulge off center - kind of like stuffing a tennis ball up under my skin! My OB wasn't the one who diagnosed mine, it was a regular doctor - a general pract_tioner. Brachah - I went to the OB yesterday and he acted like it was no big deal. He said that the mesh was out of the way enough that he could cut through my old c-sec scar without having to even mess with the mesh. He didn't seem too concerned so I'm hoping that as I get bigger it will stay "unconcernable." I just have noticed I do feel a slight burning and pulling when I cough or sneeze now. I gained 10 lbs in a month so I'm sure that didn't help! We ate out a lot! Please keep updating your appts on this thread as I will as well.


miami mommie - September 15

How about this one, ladies......I have a hernia right in the top of my navel..and it hasnt been repaired 11 weeks----no problems yet, but im a lil scared of when the baby rises and starts to push against it. My OB doesnt seem too concerned, so im trying not to worry. Hope you all are doing well and continue to do well.


NICOLE - September 27

I had a naval hernia repair 2 years ago...all was well unitl late & I am activly trying to get pregnant. I am SO scared the mesh has moved and is causing pain & pulling. I am not pregnant yet, but I am REALLY trying. I see another doctor to see what he thinks. Do any of you think I should wait to have children or go ahead and hope for the best.


Ann - September 29

Hi girls, I've read all your postings, I'm getting my epi gastric hernia (above navel) repaired tomorrow. I had two c sections and they think that's how I got mine. They are using the mesh and the doctors know that I want more children. I'm getting a little scared with all your postings. It seems to hold up for some people and not for others...Eveyone pregnant out there with one...good luck and God Bless and let us all know how the MESH holds up..


miranda - October 3

i just had umbilical hernia surgery 10 days ago with a mesh, a result of 2 large babies and c sections. i'm not sure if i'm done having kids, but i asked several physician opinions on whether to get it fixed now. i was told by a majority to fix it with a mesh now so the hernia doesn't "incarcerate" during pregnancy resulting in an emergency surgery. another OB told me she has had several patients with mesh repairs and tummy tucks do well with pregnancy and only had disomfort at the end. so, here i am, scared because i read all your correspondence! i am 34, very small build and carry my babies straight out front. can anyone offer solace? also, i'm having a lot of swelling in my stomach still from the surgery. i look 5 months pregnant, is this normal? i appreciate any response. thanks!



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